Rocky Rocks College Applications

Annalise Brooke, Photographer

The senior year is definitely a stressful time for most, if not all seniors. Not only are they deciding where they want to go to college and what they want to do with their life, but there is also so much more that goes into it. Colleges require either or both the SAT and ACT, which are tests that are timed and usually take up to four hours. The scores get submitted to colleges with their applications. The application process can sometimes be time consuming when it consists of many questions about the applicant and when they are required to write sometimes multiple essays. This process has been made more difficult because of Covid-19. With not all students being able to take certain tests and this school year being completely different than normal, colleges have changed their criteria for entry. Seniors are also getting ready to leave home to an apartment in a different city or even state. 

There are some colleges not requiring ACT or SAT scores which can be a good thing for some students who either didn’t get the opportunity to study or even take the test. This has been a stress reliever for many students because they have one less thing to worry about. There are other changes for this coming school year that students may not have envisioned for themselves in college. Kaimbry Brush, a senior at Rocky Mountain, explained how she thinks her college experience will be a little different because of Covid-19 restrictions. She talked about how it may be harder to make friends if people aren’t going out as much and if the schooling is part online it will be more difficult to learn.

This being the last year of high school for seniors has been difficult for some to even realize. Going to college or just moving on from high school can seem like such a huge step forward into becoming an adult. Lauren Gamette, a senior at Rocky Mountain, said, “It hasn’t really hit me yet that we’re graduating and going to college. It’s a bittersweet thing because I’m so excited for college but I’m also so sad to end this chapter of my life and leave my friends”. People always say high school goes by too fast and they were right. The friends people have had for years or who they’ve become close with recently will soon be on different paths to their life. That is what makes growing up and going to college so hard for some.