I Ain’t Lion When I Say I Love You


Kaylynn Tavernier, Web Manager

Valentine’s Day is a day to show someone who you love/like how much you mean to them. Rocky students just recently celebrated this holiday and Alexandrea Weedop is a senior at Rocky Mountain High school student who is in love. Weedop said, “In general, the best gift to give is something that’s very personalized, right, because you’re supposed to be like showing appreciation for people you love. And I think like the personalized gifts the best ones alone shows them that you care about them, you think about them and everything.” Most people give gifts,  but they may also receive gifts. Weedop continued, “Oh man, my parents gave me a lot of crazy gifts on Valentine’s Day, my favorite are the camping trips.” Weedop lastly said,“Last year I made my boyfriend a playlist, with songs that have minimal relationship parts in it before and everything. And songs we both enjoy.” 

Brandon Rule is a junior at Rocky Mountain High School. Rule said, “Hopefully go on a date with my girlfriend.” Rule also said, “I have a few of my closest friends that I’m getting chocolate [for] because who doesn’t like chocolate.” Rule thinks Valentine’s day is a pretty cool time if [he] is taken but if [he is] single then it would suck. 

 Landon Wilson is a junior at Rocky Mountain High School. Wilson said his ideal Valentine’s gift is “like happiness, in a sense.” Thbest gift to give is happiness and affection to those who matter most! Wilson said about his sweetheart: “She painted a picture that we took at a photo shoot. And she like remade it in a painting, which was cool.” Love is all over the air on Valentine’s Day. Lastly Wilson said,“I gave my girlfriend a little teddy bear that says ‘princess’ on the bottom.”  

Maria Paluzzi is an English teacher at Rocky Mountain High School. Paluzzi said: “My other thoughts is I always get my friends gifts on Valentine’s Day. It is absolutely my favorite holiday. And the reason why it’s my favorite holiday is because when I was in elementary school, I loved getting Valentine’s like I love doing little candies and selfishly, I would never give them, like I always would tell my mom to not go to the store and get those awful little cards because they just break and there’s no point you ever must get the candy anyway. And then I would lie. This is not a good thing, but I would lie and say ‘Oh I left him at home, I’m really, sorry.’ And then people would give me extra and be like, No, it’s okay. So just get extra candy. And then when I went home, all the ones that we potentially have bought for other people. I got to keep it. So, kind of selfish but I love getting a little Valentine’s because I love heart-shaped suckers. I just think they’re so cute.” 

Ms. Paluzzi lastly said, “I don’t know if I’ve received it yet. I’ll be honest, I don’t know if I received it yet. I did go on a trip one time with my family over Valentine’s Day went to New Orleans, so I say that gift of my family buying me a plane ticket was probably the most fun I’ve received so far but I’m sure there’s better ones to come. The best I ever gave was my two very best friends in the world are married, and they got married, September, two years ago, so for Valentine’s day to celebrate them, I got them a wooden cutout that had their picture pasted on it, so that way it could be like a little wall decor. And they have yet to hang it up in their house so I’m a little annoyed by that, but I still think it’s the best gift ever.”