Super Bowl 55- Chiefs or Bucs? Weeknd or Weekday?

Sierra Violette, Reporter

As Super Bowl 55 has already come and passed, it’s time to take the annual poll of what team is favored. In this year’s Super Bowl, we had the Chiefs and the Buccaneers playing each other in Tampa Bay.  Being favored in the Super Bowl isn’t always an accurate indication of who is going to win. And Rocky students may find themselves disappointed as they favored the Chiefs to win this year.   Many prefer the Chiefs based on their hate for Tom Brady, however, not everyone has a grudge against the six-ring Super Bowl quarterback.  

Walter Shelton, senior at Rocky Mountain High School, said, “I think he’s kind of the G.O.A.T.” when asked about Tom Brady. Shelton continued, “You don’t go to the Super Bowl multiple times and win and be bad at football.” Shelton is typically a Steelers fan, so this opinion comes as a bit of a shock, but nonetheless, the man has a point. 

A Saints fan, Tyler McDonough, also a senior at Rocky Mountain High School, shares the same respect for Brady: “I love Tom Brady… he’s just an absolute legend.” Even though he cheered for the Chiefs, he doesn’t deny Tom Brady’s talent. 

While football is always a big attraction, the halftime show does draw in a large audience. Walter was a fan of the 2020 performance, but it seemed after Covid drew away a true performance, he was disinterested in the show this year. He wasn’t even aware of who is performing, which was The Weeknd.  

Tyler McDonough was also not aware that The Weeknd would be performing, and his response about the halftime show was: “Get my man Drake out there.” Apparently, the Weeknd was not a popular vote among high school students. 

While teams and halftime performances create division, even Shelton and McDonough can agree, at least the food brings everyone together on the big day. Now that the Super Bowl has come and gone, Rocky students shared their thoughts. 

“I’m kind of bummed the Chiefs lost, but the Bucs definitely deserved the dub,”  McDonough said of the game. Anyone who watched can come to the agreement, the Bucs earned the win, even if you did favor the Chiefs.