Rocky Choir Hits the High Note


Ashlyn Wickam, Photographer

 Rocky Mountain choir is collecting orders for a singing Valentine this year! If you order virtually, it is 10$ per one, and if you order in person it is 15$. You get to choose between 8 songs. This is a really great opportunity to send a valentine to your significant other 

   I have talked to a couple students from the rocky mountain choir about maybe continuing their music path in the future, or finding a job involving music. Carter P from rocky mountain high school in response to continuing their music path said, “Oh 100%, music kind of runs my life. Like I said I do not know if choir necessarily will be the path that I take, but I think music definitely is a creative art that I enjoy.” Another question I asked carter P was, what specifically do you like about choir? His response was, “I think that when you bring a ton of artistic kids together in a group like that, you get a lot of creativity in a small group of people that you can communicate well with and they all have the same sort of interest as you, so it’s a good collaborative space if that makes sense.” Choir is something very unique and when brought together, you can make beautiful music together. 

     Something I was curious about was if it can be hard or frustrating to sing with other people at times. Carter M said, “yeah it can be hard because sometimes you don’t know how they sound so you think you did really good but then you play it back and it sounds totally different, but its still really fun.” Some kids usually have family that sings or does music, so then they end up doing it as well, here is his response to the question how did you get into choir; Carter M also from rocky mountain high school, “basically my whole life, my family is crazy about singing and my brothers were in bands. So, it’s kind of just something I was kind of just led into and now I like it.” 
      Another question I was curious about was, wearing masks while performing. Simon g said, I mean, I didn’t go here before then, but its weird because you’re wearing a face mask and you can’t see like peoples face expressions as easily.” Something most of us would not think about is the facial expressions on their faces while singing and how you can tell a lot about the emotion of the song just by looking at facial expressions, and masks kind of take away from that.