Spring Break, Do Not Let It Go to Waste

Cole Christensen, Reporter

This pandemic has put a hiatus to many plans made for this spring break. If this is you, do not feel alone.  Tayton Young, a junior at Rocky Mountain High School shared some thoughts regarding spring break: “I usually go on a cruise but because of COVID-19 it is probably not the best idea.”

When asked what an alternative spring break plan would be, Young was stumped.

Although, this year might be different with limited activities, there are still plenty of fun things you can do to make this break memorable. Listed below are few ideas about what you can do, so this break does not go to waste. 

1. Go to the pool 

The pool is a great place where you can relax and cool off. Most pools should be open during the break. Ones that will be include neighborhood and recreation centers. 

2. Go on a hike 

A hike is as safe activity you could do that will get you some great exercise. There are many great hikes close by. Check out Ridge to Rivers’ website here. 

3. Golf

Golf is a fun sport that anyone can play, and it is a great hobby. The Treasure Valley is full of golf courses all over that are affordable and beginner friendly. 

4. Spend time with family and friends 

Spending time with family and friends is always important, even if you’re not doing anything exciting together. 

5. Play games 

There are many games you can play, from sports to board games, even video games, anything to keep you entertained. 

These are a few activities you could do.

Kade Thompson, a student who is a junior at Rocky, also provided another idea: “Camping would be a great idea. It is fun and safe.”

Camping is a great activity that you could do. It is completely safe and easy. Bruneau Sand Dunes, Red Fish Lake, McCall, and Cascade are some places you can go that are close by and accessible to the public. 

The last person asked about what their plans for the break were, was Dylan Robertson, a student at Rocky Mountain. Robertson says he plans on going “biking at Eagle bike park.”

This is a great activity. It is close by and very fun. Throughout this article, hopefully you have gained some insight into some things you can participate in to have a great spring break 2021.