Aim High in 2021!


Rian Roach, Photographer

With being amidst the new year 2021the Rocky Roar was interested to see the goals set for this year with everything being so different. 

Kamryn Waldram 

As a new student at Rocky this year, Kamryn Waldram created goals that are not dependent upon her circumstancesHer goals are admirable because she is fresh to Rocky, she plans to be more grateful, kinder to others, and to be more productive.” She says she plans on doing this by, having a more positive attitude and appreciating even the simplest things more. I am going to find ways to make someone’s day better and I am going to make better use of my free time.” Waldram feels great about these last couple years and she looks forward to how her goals will help her in this new year. Waldram explained how she stays self-motivated to complete her goals: The goals I set are broad and simple, but I feel that big rewards can come from them, so I just try to remind myself of that and keep doing better and better each day.” Waldram set some good realistic goals for this coming year, although she is not like others wanting to just flush 2020, she said, “2020 taught me to appreciate things in life and showed me that there are so many things we take for granted. With that in mind it has made me realize how incredibly lucky I am and how grateful I should be for all that I have.”

Eileen Lindemood 

This is one of our very own sophomore English teacher. She also oversees Key Club; a service opportunity to get numerous volunteer hours in. She says one lesson she will take with her into 2021 is, “Don’t take things for granted. You can’t put off things until tomorrow because you never know what is going to happen.” Lindemood created some great goals for herself such as “a goal to walk 210 miles and to read 21 books this year.” She is very excited to complete these goals. Lindemood says was inspired by friend who, “is propelling herself 500 miles this year.” She talked about how this was a reasonable goal for her since this is her first year doing this. She has set little goals to achieve her big goals, “I am walking every day and I am walking extra with my friend every week. I think accountability is important.” For her reading goal she uses the strategy of reading the books in book series. This is so that she can have books in mind to read and to stay interested. Lindemood has gotten a great start on these goals already; she says, “I walked 32 miles in January, and I have 10 so far in February. I have read 4 books so far this year.” Lindemood has started off the year great and she hopes to continue strong and finish with her goals completed.