What You Can Look Forward to This New Year


Ryan McDaniel, Editor

Most of the population can agree that last year was not the best year and was a drag on a lot of peoples lives but there is hope. The year 2021 has entered our lives and is a fresh start from last year. This year is filled with hop and change for everyone. As Hyrum Smith, a sophomore at Rocky, states: “ I hope that for it to not be as bad as last year.”

When talking about the new year, some things to reflect on are what made the last year difficult and how we plan on making it better. We also need to reflect on how personally we can make this year better and theses are some of the things that I will be discussing. These are hopes for 2021.  

Before getting into the new beginning of 2021, first are things to be discussed that will not be missed from 2020. Dallin Sorensen, a sophomore at Rocky, said: I’m not going to miss quarantine and isolation.” This is one thing that many students can agree upon.

Johnathan Siddoway, a sophomore at Rocky, said, “I’m not going to miss not being able to see anyone last year for months when COVID-19 hit.” 2020 was known for the start of  COVID-19. With this new virus, people across the country were all forced to stay locked in their homes, and students especially could not spend time with friends. The isolation is something many students will not miss. Now with 2021, we can look towards our hopes and goals to fix the previous year.  

With 2021, we can now rewrite last year’s regrets and start fresh with new hopes.

Hyrum said, “ I want to see more unity in our country.”

Siddoway states, I hope that school can return to normal this year.”

 Now that our country has gone through this pandemic together, many look forward to being more unified as a country and citizens continuing to help each other out.

Sorensen said, “ I’m hoping that the COVID-19 vaccine will be able to reach those that really need it,” and continued, “ I want to see us go back to school full time.”  

Now that there is a vaccine out for this virus, many members of the Rocky community hope that the government will distribute it quickly and efficiently. With this virus slowly coming to an end, students and staff alike can hope to not have to wear masks anymore, and return to school full-time as normally happens during the school year. These hopes for 2021 are about everyone, but individuals also have their own hopes for this next chapter. 

Most people love fresh starts, and a new year helps most people with that goal especially with this new year. A lot of people want to make this year better than the last, so they have many personal goals they want to accomplish. Sorensen said, “I’m going to try to help others that need the extra help,” and continued, “As a family, we are going to try to get closer and help each other more.”

 Siddoway said, “I have been wanting to become stronger but have never actually started, so I’ll make a goal to start working out.” He also said,As a family we are going to do lots of activities and trips together and have a good year.” Some personal goals students can work on are improving relationships with families and try to find ways to can help other people out.

Smith said, “ We can work on having a better outlook at life.” 

With the beginning of the new year there are many things to think about. As long as we start to think about how we can make our lives better and changing it for the better, this year will be better from the last. If we remember why last year was not so great it can help us to make this year better. It will also help us to make goals and hopes as a community to make this world better. It will help people personally think about goals that they could do to make them a better person. As long as we strive to do better, this year, 2021 will be a better year.