Top 5 dog breeds

Mckenna Jones


#1- a border collie because, he is super friendly and loves kids and is very good with kids. Joey has one and this is why his family has two “we got 1 because we needed a dog and we got a border collie because we read about them and they said they are very family friendly and they love to play so we decided to get another one cause they like to have a friend they don’t bite they love to cuddle.” 


#2- a wired haired Griffon because, they are very good with people but also very good guard dogs so if you show your in danger, they will help. My dad has two and therefore he likes them “they are funny, soft ,have great personalities. I can take them hunting and running.”     


#3– they are very good for hunting but also a best friend. Emily has a black lab, and therefore she likes it “she is very sweet, smart, and playful. Loves to cuddle and meet new people.” 


#4– a teacup miniature schnauzer because, he is a very cuddling and loving dog and gets along with kids and kids tent to like smaller dogs. My mom has one and therefore she likes them “ I like Dakster because he is small and likes to cuddle on my lap, he likes to go in the car with us, and he is protective.” 


#5 wiener dog- they are small and cute and are known to listen very well. Teagan owns one of these and this why she likes him “I like sox because she likes to snuggle up to you in a cold day. Sox is the perfect size to take anywhere and the perfect cuddle buddy. Sox likes to herd our chickens and is fun to throw the ball.”