Top five places to travel  

Rian Roach, Photographer

  1. Turkey! 

Turkey is a country in the middle east, next door to Syria, Iraq, and Iran. Tukey is top of the list because, they have beautiful beaches that attract a lot of tourist. They have a lot of sight seeing and city attraction such as, Istanbul, Antalya, and Ankara.  

2. England  

England is in the United Kingdom and is second on the list because of the old buildings, and the rich history there. England main attractions are Stonehenge, Big Ben, Windsor castle, and many more! 

3. Spain  

Spain is under France and next to Portugal. Spain is third on the list because of the beaches and tropical environment. There is ziplining, and festivals, and outdoor experiences you can only have in Spain!  

4. Peru 

Peru in under Ecuador and above Bolivia. Peru takes fourth on the list because there is so many things to explore! There are ancient ruins such as, Machu Pichu that are an amazing sight. 

5. Southern Mexico 

Southern Mexico is right below us! Southern Mexico rushes into fifth on the list because you can bask in the outdoors, hike, shop, and enjoy the change of scenery, and climate.  


These are top five places to visit! Rebecca Earl, who has visited every place on this top five list, stated, “I like every place I have been for different reasons.” (Earl) This are the places to go if you are wanting to travel!