The Best Top 5 Breeds of Cats

Abigail Wilson, Editor in Chef

Cats are friendly animals that are a perfect companion and pet. They love to cuddle, snuggle, and sleep. So, if you want a small, sweet, loving pet to adopt, get a cat! Here are some of the top 5 best cat breeds.  

#1 The Domestic Medium hair 

This is by far the best type of cat. My cat, Philmore, is this type of breed and me and my family absolutely love him! They are pretty small cats; they can get up to between 12-14 pounds. Also, they have very thick hair, and need a lot of brushing for their fur. When asking Chloe Wilson on her thoughts about Philmore, she said, “He’s a good cat and I would recommend getting that breed of cat to anyone! 

#2 The Siamese  

Siamese cats are very small and tend to be brown with different shades of brown on them. Wilson said, “I really like Siamese cats because of their eyes, they tend to have pretty blue ones and I like those ones a lot.” They come from and Asian descent, which is why they tend to have smaller features and a smaller size than American cats.  

#3 The Maine Coon  

Maine Coon’s are much bigger cats with a lot more dominant features. They have bigger ears and tend to be more fluffy and with thicker fur. Wilson explained that she would not want one of these cats. “There too big and fluffy, its almost like your taking care of a small dog and not a cat.” Maine Coons can weigh up too twice the amount of a normal cat! 

#4 The Calico Cat  

Calicos are cats with any tri-color pattern on them. They most commonly have mostly white or brown, with other colors on them such as orange, black, or gray. When asking Wilson on her thoughts on calicos, she stated, “Calicos seem nice, they have really pretty colors too.” Calicos are similar too other domestic cats like Philmore, the domestic medium hair.  

#5 The Tabby Cat 

Lastly, Tabby Cats are the most basic indoor house cat you can find. They are an easy type of a domestic house cat that is the most popular cat too. Wilson said, “Tabby’s are ok, but there is really nothing special about them.” Tabby’s are a good, simple house cat that also make a great companion too.