Tiktok’s Influence on Students


Beverly Yeboah, Editor

During the coronavirus pandemic the risk of the usage of tiktok has risen over those months. Tiktok is an app that is like Vine. The videos are very quick and most of them are 15-second long dances. It is a great app to grow a platform/audience. Many TikTokers like Charli D’amelio, Chase Hudson, Addison Rae, etc. have gotten a career because of their start on tiktok 

The for you page (fyp is the abbreviation (where you scroll through videos)) is part of the reason the app could affect students. Most content shown on your fyp caters to your interests. If you like certain content, the fyp will generate more videos for you to watch that are similar to what you liked; This factor can make you scroll for hours on the app without realizing it. 


Many people download TikTok for different reasons. The app is advertised in different ways, this is good because they will be content that interests many different people.  

Rocky Mountain student, Michaelyn Patience said, “it was popular, and it seemed fun, so I tried it out.” Since TikTok is the current next big thing, it is allowing new people to join in on the fun and inside jokes. 

“When we scroll it keeps going which makes you want to keep going and play more videos,” Patience replied. This algorithm can keep the user on the app for hours at a time. Since the videos keep going without a stopping point the user often loses track on time. This is detrimental when a lot of responsibilities and deadlines are approaching, especially with school. If a student is on tiktok for too long, they can miss deadlines and due dates, which can drop their grade significantly.  


Patience said that she procrastinated “more, because it’s a distraction from stuff I don’t want to do.” Patience also said, “It hasn’t affected my grade a whole lot, but when I first had it, it affected my grade.” Tiktok is good way to distract yourself and relax. When it distracts people from responsibilities, it can make it harder to catch up, especially when new responsibilities are given.