Humans of Rocky: Brian


Beverly Yeboah, Editor

High school is a very exciting experience. It is known to be one of the best years of a teen’s life. Many people have a fun time in high school, due to hanging out with friends, clubs, sports, etc. Others don’t have a fun time because of frequent homework, stressing about grades and colleges, or high school was very underwhelming.  

Middle and High School are very different. Even when it comes to the size difference high school tends to be bigger than middle school. The transition between coming to middle from elementary compared to high school from middle school is drastic. The rigor in high school is higher than in middle school. Since high school is supposed to prepare students for college, it needs to have that extra challenge level. 

Brian Yeboah, a freshman at Rocky Mountain High School had this to say, “Middle school is more restricting, you don’t have as many options compared to high school.” High school gives students more freedom without going too far. This allows students to grow and develop as the years go by.  

Stereotypical, high school is known to have more drama, fights, and super fun pep rallies. Every school is different, so this isn’t true for every school.  

I thought it was going to be more scary, more strict,” Yeboah replied. Expectations usually don’t meet the reality. That’s the unknown part of high school. Anything can happen. As a result, students will have to prepare for what happens next, the possibilities are endless.  

Any upcoming high school students need to know that high school can be super stressful if it isn’t taken serious. High school is the place that is known to create the best memories. Go to multiple events, join some clubs, sports, etc. Make the best out of high school.