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School Climate and Weather Survey

Arabella Mendenhall
Infographic Image for Survey Results

Any Idaho resident would know that Idaho climate and weather can change drastically and quickly. Usually from December- March, there is a lot of snow and rain, with temperatures 30 degrees and lower. Winter seems to last forever.

An anonymous survey took place at rocky Friday March 29 with about 25 students. The questions asked were; does cold weather affect how you get to school? Does the weather affect your mood and behavior at school? Does it impact your performance at school? Does the weather cause an impact on your mood whether it is negative or positive?

What was found was 48% of people said yes to the cold weather affecting how they get to school. Why is this important? Students who may not have their license, or a ride in the morning during cold winters usually walk. With ice on the street and below freezing temperatures, it makes getting to school miserable, or difficult. Ethan Skousen, Sophomore, said, “cold weather does affect the speed we can get to school because we have to warm up our cars and get warm, so it takes longer.”

About 68% of students at Rocky said the weather does have an impact on their behavior and mood at school. National Library of medicine says, “36% of students having moderate to severe depression.”

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This weather can also cause poor academic performance. 28% of students said bad weather does have an impact on their academic performance. Tyler Wells, Senior, said, “to be honest, I feel like it does not have that big of an impact.”

Another 68% of students said that warm weather has a positive impact on their mood, while cold weather impacted their mood poorly. Reese Hessing, Sophomore, said, “It depends. If I’m having a bad day, the rain makes it worse.”

Results show that the majority of students said that the weather has either a positive or negative impact on their behavior, mood, how they get to school, and academic performance.

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