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Is Valentine’s Day Overrated?

Natalie Nichenko
“Happy Valentine’s Day” pictured with a red heart and kisses, made in PicCollage.

Depending on whether someone is single or taken, their opinion on Valentine’s Day may be different than others. It seems that if someone is in a relationship, the holiday can be a lot more stressful because of the worry of pleasing a significant other with gifts like chocolate and flowers. On the other hand, it can be used as a fun opportunity to be more romantic with a partner and show them love and appreciation. However, if someone is not in a relationship, Valentine’s Day can seem more dreadful and leave a bitter feeling or resentment toward happy couples. Although, if someone is single, it can also just feel like an unnecessary holiday.

With these different views considered, is Valentine’s Day really an overrated holiday? Or is it just subjective to a relationship status?

While interviewing 10th grader, Madi Barnes, about her views on Valentine’s Day, she described, “I think the version of Valentine’s Day that’s all about who gets the biggest roses or the most chocolate is overrated. It turns into a popularity contest instead of a day for appreciating the people you love. Valentine’s Day doesn’t just have to be about a crush or a romantic partner; it can be anyone you appreciate. I like to remind my friends that I love them as well as help my stepdad plan a date for my mom. More recently, I like to show my partner that I love them in creative ways as a fun challenge.” Madi believes that this holiday is an exciting opportunity to show love and appreciation, as long as it isn’t artificial or dramatized.

Another 10th grader, Apoorv Shekar, took a closer look at the meaning of Valentine’s Day from the male perspective, and he answered, “I believe Valentine’s Day is fun if you celebrate it with people that you truly like spending time with. It became heavily commercialized when it’s about spending time with someone you love. I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day because I don’t have a significant other, but I feel like the parties in elementary school were more fun to celebrate with.” Apoorv likes to reflect on the true meaning of Valentine’s Day and celebrating it with loved ones.

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When ninth grader, Brooke Durland, was asked the same questions on this holiday, she explained, “I don’t think Valentine’s Day is overrated because I want a boyfriend to share it with. I hope I get to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year by going on a date with my boyfriend.” Brooke has a positive outlook on Valentine’s Day, stating that it’s an opportunity to spend time with a partner.

After learning Rocky student’s different views on Valentine’s Day, it is prominent that this holiday is known as a good opportunity to spend time with loved ones, whether that means a significant other, family, or friends. Some people may believe that it’s an overrated holiday, or not, but either way, Valentine’s Day truly is a holiday about loving, caring, and showing appreciation for those loved ones.





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Natalie Nichenko
I'm Natalie, and I'm a sophomore at Rocky Mountain high school. I like spending time with my friends, family, and my dog Daisy. I also like playing golf and soccer. I love watching movies and traveling to the beach and going skiing. I enjoy reading and writing on issues I care about which is why I joined newspaper. This is my second year in this class, and it's a great opportunity to meet new people and explore your interests to make interesting articles. Newspaper is a fun club that allows me to be creative.

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