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Rocky’s Most Disliked Projects

From English to Science, here are some of the most disliked school projects of all time, from to RMHS students, to RMHS students.
Rockys Most Disliked Projects

Rocky offers a surplus of courses. From required classes, like Math and History, and then electives like Greenhouse and Yearbook, here are some of the most difficult and unenjoyable assignments.

Sophomore Peyton Price says, “I would have to say the multi-genre English paper from this year. There’s lots of parts and 3 genres you have to consider. You have to build up to the genres and it takes lots of research. You get to decide what to do, but that almost makes it more challenging because you don’t want it to be long or too short.”

Next, junior Myah Oswald says, “I think one of the most disliked school projects are some of the Earth Science projects just because they’re pretty hard to figure out, especially because it’s something that doesn’t apply to our daily lives.” Oswald adds, “For example, a biology project. A lot of times it’s something that’s real connected to us because we’re living beings, but if you look at Earth Science, it can get very boring because I see rocks, but it doesn’t apply to us directly. The subject is just really confusing and in-depth in ways I don’t think people attach to really well mentally and overall, the projects aren’t really fun.”

Junior Livvy Lanzara says, “I think the worst school project is an informative essay because they are very boring, and they lack a sense of creativity. Essays are normally fun, but informative essays don’t give you creative freedom- just a bunch of facts.”

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Finally, senior Claudia Dunlop says, “The school project that I have enjoyed the least is a decade’s project in AP US History that we did after the AP exam last year. We all had to do a PowerPoint with a lot of information about a different decade. I didn’t like it because it was a lot of work and we had already done the AP exam. Also, we barely had any time to work on it in class. When it came time to present them, there were so many that it took days to get through them all and there were duplicated of the same decade. Overall, I think that both the APUSH project itself and the timing of the project made me strongly dislike it.”

With a variety of classes offered at Rocky, there are sure to be some hits, along with some misses. What do you think?

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About the Contributor
Emma Atkinson, Reporter
Emma is currently a freshman here at Rocky. Emma is currently in Student Council for the second year (first year at Rocky). She moved to Idaho in late 2017, and is excited to write for the Rocky Roar!

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  • M

    Michael MajorsOct 9, 2023 at 8:24 pm

    Very helpful to know for what classes to take and not to take.

  • A

    Alyssa GilesOct 6, 2023 at 8:57 am

    This actually helps me understand what may be coming up for my high school years in the future. Thanks to the people who shared I will be looking out for these assignments lol.

    • J

      jesus garzaOct 10, 2023 at 12:53 pm

      this helped with me knowing on what will come up