Mission to the Moon

Artemis I



The Artemis Space craft getting ready for takeoff, pointing to its destination…..the moon.

Reagan Morin, Reporter

National Aircraft Space Association (NASA) is working on a new mission, by the name of Artemis. Everyone has heard about the first man on the moon…right? This mission was called Apollo 1, and was done by NASA, but now, there’s a new task to fulfill. The task of getting the first women, and colored person to step onto the moon.

In Greek mythology, there is an old myth about Apollo who had a twin sister name Artemis*. These two siblings are 2 children of Zeus, the king of gods. The first mission to the moon was called Apollo due to something Apollo apparently did, which was riding a chariot across the sun. This reminded the Nasa scientists of their mission they were trying to achieve which was landing on the moon, and this is where the name came from. This new Mission is to now get the first women and colored person on the moon, as well as maybe reaching mars. So there’s no better name for this mission than the twin sister of the first named mission.

The Artemis mission has multiple parts to it. So far, NASA has already finished Artemis 1. Getting a satellite to orbit all the way around the moon. The next step is to land on the moon. After this, the ending goal is to build a community on the south end of the moon and inhabit it.

For the first part, NASA has created a manual working space shuttle to fly around the moon, they successfully reached their goal after 2 failed attempts. Now they are working on getting the first women, and colored person on the moon safely. Artemis 2 will have four astronauts aboard for this mission, their names are Jeremy Hansen, Reid Wiseman, Victor Glover, and Christina Hammock Koch.

A scientist that works at NASA, who would like their identity to be anonymous said, “We are currently working with Russia, Australia, Canada, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, United Arab Emirates, and United Kingdom, and trying to beat China to the moon”. According to the source, if we can get our foot first on the moon, we can claim it all. Due to the temperature and living conditions on other sides of the moon, we would only be able to make the south pole habitable to live on. If scientists can find the precious substance of water on the moon, they will then continue to use this to fuel the space crafts in their attempt at Artemis 4, which is flying to mars.

All in all, this is the first mission in which NASA has sent a person into space in over a decade so its quite a big deal. The goal of this mission is to Land on the moon and claim it, inhabit it and create a living space up there, and hopefully set off the next journey to land on mars. More information is available at NASA.gov.



* Apollo and Artemis: The Divine Twins with Opposing Aims (thecollector.com)

Thats one small step for man, and one giant leap for mankind.