What’s Your Summer Look Like?


Makenna Zimmer

“D River Beach Wayside” in Lincoln City, Oregon

Makenna Zimmer, Copy Editor

Finally Rocky, we are so close to Summer Break! The time of the year everyone has been eagerly awaiting. This school year is about to come to an end, seniors will be leaving, and first-year students are going to be coming. Summer gives students the much-needed break after the long school year, although it is a break many students are still super busy on their break. Some students travel, start jobs, play sports, and just simply hangout. So Rocky, what are your plans for the summer?

Many students are planning to travel out of state. Traveling can be very exciting and gives an opportunity to just relax and enjoy your break time. Ava O’hara a freshman at Rocky said, “This summer I’m going to Colorado to visit my little cousins.” Ava is extremely excited to see her cousins, especially because she does not get to see them very often. “I’m also going to the Taylor Swift Era’s Tour.” Taylor swift is a widely known famous singer and Ava is so happy to be going to see her and cannot even believe she is getting the opportunity to do so.

Ashlyn Everhart, a freshman, is also traveling out of state. “I’m going to Maui Hawaii in June. My family and I have some fun plans there and I’m super excited to go and see the beautiful sites.” Maui is a gorgeous tropical place to visit and is for sure a good place to get you right in the summer mood.

Another freshman also traveling out of state is Mya Daniel. “My family and I are going to the Oregon Coast. It’s nothing special but it’s still an opportunity to go do something and I’m excited to go to the beach.” If you are traveling your plans do not always have to be crazy, simply traveling somewhere close by can still be just as fun and give you a great time.

Summer plans do not have to just be traveling either. Evie Rede, a freshman, while traveling is also going to be dedicating time to her sport. “My plans for summer are to go to California with my grandparents. I’m also doing many volleyball camps, throughout the whole summer to prepare for my upcoming season.” Summer is a great opportunity to take that extra time and use it to your advantage whether that be for your sport or just a hobby you are interested in.

Even if you have no plans for your Summer Break, just take that break time and try to utilize it. Have an open mind, maybe use the extra time, and find a new interest you have. You could take up a new hobby or sport or even just spend more time with your family and friends and try to strengthen your relationships with those close to you. Have a great Summer Rocky, and hopefully now you have some great ideas as to what you will be doing this summer.