Paint Wars!


Aubrie Toledo

Students are shown being chased with paint.

Ava Allen, Media Team

Paint wars had all that attended covered head to toe in paint. Paint wars took action on May 4. As you can imagine this activity was set up in the grassy area in front of the school. There was yellow tape marking the “boundaries” on where you can and can’t throw paint at each other. Each of the four corners contained 4-to-5-gallon jugs of paint. The leaders of the paint wars games decided to first play sharks and minnows. Some volunteers were chosen to be the sharks in which they were given a handful of paint. The remaining people went to one side of the grass and awaited the call of when they were allowed to start running. As Charli Russel yelled go, a rush of adrenaline filled the students as they ran dodging the “sharks.” It was apparent who got tagged because the sharks left behind a big paint handprint on the back of those people. Students continued to run back and forth as they were being chased. After this everyone was already starting to attack their friends with handfuls of paint. Students were covered from head to in black, brown, white, pink, and blue paint. This colorful mess left students with big smiles and great memories.

Some students were questioned if they think Rocky stuco should continue doing the paint war and what their thoughts were on it.

Leia Young, a sophomore at Rocky, answered, “I definitely think stuco should do it again, it was so fun! I loved how chaotic it was and that they used big gallons of paint.” Leia continued, “Having paint thrown at you was actually a lot more fun than it might sound. I didn’t really know what to expect but it exceeded my expectations.”

Freshman Mylee Goto was asked with these same questions, and she answered, “I think stuco should continue paint wars because it’s a fun experience. I liked it because it was a fun thing to do with the school.”

Lastly, Liv Allred, a junior, said, “I think stucco should continue to do paint wars because it was a fun event that got a lot of different people involved.” Liv added, “Activities and events like that are what build a strong school community and bring us together. I thought it was a fun and well-organized activity and was something that everyone could participate in.”

To conclude, paint wars were a huge success. Make sure to join in on the next paint wars!