Rocky’s Very Own: Grizzwald

All About Our Mascot Kage Moore


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Grizzwald ready for game day!

Addison Burney, Reporter

Kage Moore is our current mascot at Rocky. Kage is a senior and will be graduating this year, so Rocky will need a new mascot. Before we say goodbye to Kage, let’s learn some more about him and his experiences being Grizzwald.

Kage Moore has been our mascot for four years. One question Kage answered was: What have you enjoyed the most about being the mascot for Rocky? Out of his four years Kage said, “I enjoyed being invited to all the outside events. I got to be part of the dance routines, cheer routines, and to show up to elementary school events. My favorite part about being a mascot is putting a smile on other people’s faces.” Another question Kage answered was: have you enjoyed being the mascot for Rocky? He responded with, “I have enjoyed being the mascot for Rocky. It has been an amazing experience and a great start,” said Kage. After Kage graduates next week, he will be attending the University of Idaho, for which he got a scholarship. He will be studying advertising in marketing and is also going to be Joe Vandal, at the University of Idaho. When Kage answered the question of: What has been your favorite moment being the mascot for Rocky? He responded with, “One of my favorite moments was at our last football game of this year, I crowd surfed. Our student section was the best I have ever seen it,” said Kage. The last question that Kage answered was: Are you sad to have to let someone else take on the role of being the mascot for Rocky? Kage said, “I am not sad, I am happier to give this experience and opportunity to someone else and pass it off. This has been an amazing start to my career. And it was exciting to see how happy the new mascot was when I passed it off.”

In conclusion, Rocky has had a great mascot for the past four years and we are sad to see him leave, but we are excited to meet our new mascot!