Sneaker Reselling Changing the World

Evan Guerrero, Photographer

When it comes to hobbies, jobs, and making money, many choose different paths. Shoe reselling is a very good opportunity to make money and learn a lot as you go. Shoe reselling can be a tough path but can open you up to many opportunities you never knew you could reach before. It is also not as easy as one thinks. It comes down to determination, consistency, and being smart about the money you make and spend.

First off, many shoe sellers are high schoolers and young college students. It tends to be a job that takes place in teenagers’ era and around 16-19 years of age. Rocky Mountain High school has many students who resell shoes outside of school time. People think it’s easy to find customers and cheap shoes to flip but it’s not that simple. You must tune into drops, go to the mall for sneaker releases, and do hours of research for the best prices, customers, and easiest transactions. It is also very important to be smart about what you spend the money on.

With the many young resellers here at Rocky Mountain, 3 of those really stand out. Those are Jake Lloyd, Josh Lunt, and Krew Mansfield.  They all got the chance to share their favorite parts along the journey of reselling. Jake Lloyd responded, “Shoes have been a huge part of my life, and I am getting the chance to meet new people. Sometimes it gets a little frustrating but in the end it’s fun to keep up with all the latest sneakers and make some good money along the way.” Josh Lunt responded with, “I remember the first pair of Lebron’s I got for Christmas in 6th grade, and I’ve always loved shoes since. I have been flipping sneakers, streetwear, and anything hype for awhile now and keeping it consistent is always key to starting a business.” Krew Mansfield responded, “I always hit up my local thrift stores and spend hours looking for very nice vintage pieces like graphic trees or Carhartt pants. It is very time consuming but once you see the results, its endless opportunities.” As you can see, shoes are a very big part of today’s culture and environment. Sneakers are also many ways for people to be able to bond together and start new friendships.

You would be better off getting many pairs of one specific shoe blowing up, then taking a chance on a more expensive pair, even if you think the profit would be higher. Shoe reselling is also all about taking risks. You can do all the research in the world, have the best customers, but you can’t change the market for shoes. One Jordan 1 could skyrocket on release, but then drop a week later, making you lose profits. Thinking smartly about the future of shoes could also be the key in profits. Don’t just buy a shoe because it’s cheap without checking the market. Also, you don’t win every deal. If you pick up a Nike Dunk for retail price of $110 and it goes down within a week, you would be better off taking a loss and selling it for cheaper than you initially bought it, to help save money and be better off in the long run.