Rocky Frisbee Off to Strong Start


picture of the field

Ryan Tucker, Reporter

The Rocky Mountain Ultimate Frisbee team started its games on Monday, March 27th. They’ve played 10 games since then. How have they fared in their first two weeks of action? 

Rocky Mountain is currently (as of Tuesday the 11th of April) sitting at a 6-5 record. During the first week of the season, they pulled out victories by beating Boise High School 7-3 and Centennial High School 8-5. However, in week 1 they also lost to Canyon Ridge High School from Twin Falls, 13-1 and Eagle High School 12-4. 

Week 2 saw Rocky defeating the Bishop-Kelly/Borah combined team by a score of 8-3. They lost again to Canyon Ridge, this time 7-3, and again to Eagle, this time 12-11 in overtime. 

In week 3, Rocky beat Canyon Ridge 14-11. They also defeated Boise again 8-3. Their other victory came against Riverstone International, to the tune of 8-6. They dropped a game to Nampa Homeschool, losing 11-10 

Again, Rocky is sitting at 6-5, with a point differential of -4. Despite being barely above .500, there is reason for optimism. For example, in week 1, Rocky lost to Canyon Ridge by score of 13-1. In week 2, they lost to the same team 7-3. Then, a week later, they won 14-11. That shows obvious improvement even in the span of a few weeks. 

Plus, the 6-5 record may be misleading. Several games so far have come against some of the toughest teams in the league, such as Canyon Ridge, Eagle, and Nampa Homeschool. 

One of the most interesting games of the season came against Riverstone Intl. The game was back and forth the whole time. Riverstone jumped to an early 2-0 lead, Rocky tied, Riverstone went up by 1, Rocky tied, again Riverstone took a lead, and Rocky tied. The score sat at 4-4 at halftime, one of the closer games thus far. After some stiff defensive efforts and maybe some luck thanks to the wind, Rocky took the lead for the first time. They scored on a beautifully executed drive down the field, with 4 or 5 players sharing the disc before it was lobbed up into the endzone for freshman Parker Hicks. Standing with two defenders around him, Hicks jumped into the air and snatched the disc out of the air with one hand as the defenders grappled for it. He came down with it and maintained possession, scoring a point and immediately getting swarmed by teammates. 

From there, the game was all but over. Momentum was firmly on Rocky’s side, and despite some confusion about the game clock, Rocky ran away with the win. 

The season for the team so far has been one characterized by high highs and low lows. Looking to continue adding numbers to the win column, Rocky Frisbee is heading into the second half of the season and hoping to continue on a strong start.