Don’t Worry, Be Happy

The sticker that won at the assembly.

Cameron Bush

The sticker that won at the assembly.

Aeryn Windh, Copy Editor

Students piled into the two gyms and patiently awaiting what this assembly could be about. Sporting events? New staff? Or possibly new programs around school? The usual events took place. Games were played as well as a display of routines by our cheer team. Then the announcement was made, kindness stickers. A display of pictures was shown on the screen of different stickers, ones with hearts or fancy fonts. Cheers would rise amongst the crowd and then suddenly an uncommon image popped up. A kindergarten-type drawing of a dog(?) with the word “happy!” underneath. The crowd roared with excitement and kept screaming until it was gone. So, what do some of Rocky’s students really think about this event?

Freshman Catalina LeFave thought this assembly was really funny and cute in a way. “Personally, I didn’t want the other ones to win, just because I loved the “happy” sticker so much.” The energy in the gym made it seem as though you HAD to vote for it. It was a unanimous decision that was completely taken by surprise, which she felt too. “There were so many people cheering, and it was crazy! I thought it was funny.” School 1, students 0. Rocky is definitely stepping up their game for these end of year assemblies.

This assembly also attracted the entire school’s attention. Freshman Ivy Brookes informed me on what actually happened when the votes came in. “My film teacher told us that they chose a different sticker, she said everyone including her class were outraged. No one’s excited to work for them now.” Although she enjoyed the assembly and sticker itself, this almost defeated the purpose of the event. Having the kids be discouraged on something that was meant to be silly and fun means no more killing with kindness.

Overall, the assembly was possibly one of the most eye and ear catching of the year. Promote the Rocky staff to incorporate more events that can entertain the students here. We all love getting out of class for a bit. Unfortunately, it seems like they aren’t playing by the rules. So, what do we do? There are only so many ways to make it right. Students want a tie, right? Bring up the stickers and see if we can change the official votes. Vote “Happy!” to get the creator a little bit of justice for a silly drawing.