Supercross Update!


Michal Hudcovič

Riders racing to the first corner after the starting gate drops.

Amryn Davey, Media Team

In supercross, riders race dirt bikes around a tight and technical dirt track trying to pass the checkered flag first. A little like NASCAR with turns, jumps, and dirt bikes. People all around the world tune in to watch the sport during the thrilling season full of ups and downs stretching from January seventh to May thirteenth.  Like many other sports, AMA (American Motorcyclist Association) Supercross is an up and coming sporting event that is slowly pulling people in from around the world. So, how has the season been so far?

This season has been an emotional roller coaster so far with no signs of getting better. Star Racing’s Eli Tomac had led the points lead for the season before Red Bull KTM’s Cooper Webb gave him a run for his money in Indianapolis. After Glendale’s Triple Crown, Atlanta, and East Rutherford’s muddy mayhem, Eli Tomac is sitting first in the series with Cooper Webb not far behind. In the 250 class, Jett Lawrence has been able to keep the points lead for the entire season and doesn’t seem to be tired yet. RJ Hampshire and Cameron McAdoo are not far behind however. The heavily hyped-up 17 year-old Haiden Deegan made his pro debut at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas and is currently sitting third place in the 250 East division.

Jumping back to the start of the season, right as the gate dropped at the first race of the series in Anaheim California and riders were about to take the first turn, Pro-Circuit Kawasaki’s Austin Forkner collided with two other riders and was thrown from his bike followed by a hard fall. His team confirmed that he was out for the season with a full thickness ACL tear, a lateral meniscus tear and a fracture to the top of his tibia and fibula. It was also confirmed that he broke a bone in one of his hands upon impact. After Forkner’s crash, Malcom Stewart was leading the pack during the first race of the 2023 season at Angel Stadium in Anaheim California. During a rhythm section, specifically on an on-and-off table, he unfortunately had a bike malfunction and went over the bars and was out for the race. It was later confirmed that he sadly had to undergo knee surgery and would be out for an “extended duration.”

Now let’s get back to recent events, specifically the muddy mess of East Rutherford. The night started out with perfect dirt and the heat races and the LCQs were looking good. A little rain started coming down and the announcers kept reporting on the storm that was bound to come over. Shortly before the main events were set to begin, they were informed of a lighting warning and had to evacuate the stadium and the riders to a safe place and wait for the lighting to dwell down. The minutes were getting longer and longer, and everyone thought that the races were going to be rescheduled to the next day. After a long wait everybody was surprised to learn that the races were still on. The rain poured hard for the rest of the night and the UK’s Max Anstie took home the 250 victory in the East VS West Showdown and Justin “Bam Bam” Barcia took home the 450 win. On a positive note, both Lawrence brothers raced that night in the showdown event between the two series but since the condition were not as good as we were anticipating, everybody is ready for Salt Lake where they will settle the legendary debate of, “Who is the better rider?”