Kickin’ it with Sanam Sediqi


Senior photo of Sanam Sediqi

Cameron Bush, Editor and chief

Many Have never practiced any form of martial arts. Taekwondo has a very rich history. “I’ve been doing taekwondo for 5 years know and am currently a black belt.” Said Sanam Sediqi a senior at Rocky. “My dad was a boxer, and my uncle did karate and I wanted to try something new, and I ended up having a big passion for it.” “Some basics that someone would need to know to understand taekwondo knowing basic blocks, punches, kicks, state of mind, and striking back.”

When asking about competitions Sediqi responds with “There are usually different categories in the completions there’s sparring which is where you do full on combat with another person of your rank, age, and weight. The second category usually is form, and that’s where someone does movements to practice their attacking and defense skills. You could also do a team form it’s the same thing just with a group of people. The last one is board breaking and that’s where you break numerous boards with your hands, legs, or head countlessly.” She continues with “I would say forms can be really complicated it just matters how well you can memorize and visually be able to look at something and keep practicing it repeatedly and eventually you’ll get it down. It also matters what rank you are for example for a black belt the forms are way more difficult than it is for a color belt.”

She then talks about her personal experience with injuries “It matters what you’re doing and how you’re doing it, sometimes when you’re in the air and trying to do a kick you could position your leg in a wrong way, and it could hurt you really badly. I have personal experience from this, I tore a muscle in my leg trying to do some kicks, but it happens. I practice taekwondo at Master Kim’s Taekwondo in Meridian, I also work there and teach martial arts, to toddlers, kids, teens, and adults and it’s just a very welcoming place to practice and train.”

Once finishing Sediqi adds “I would totally recommend taekwondo for other students at Rocky because it’s just an amazing and fun thing to spend your time doing, also it’s a great way to build your confidence, strength, speed, and many other things.”