Best Classes For Your Future

Being a senior and having to figure out what is going to help a student get into is not only difficult, but it’s stressful. What if they don’t like what they chose? How does a student know they aren’t going to change majors? Having to think about all of this as a freshman in high school, a student may not know their interests yet. Going around Rocky Mountain High School asking freshman what they chose for their classes going into sophomore year and if they know what they are interested in already. Then going to seniors and asking throughout high school what classes they have taken to help with their future classes.

Going into high school none of my friends knew what they were going to do, and none of us really thought about it until around Junior year. They still aren’t completely positive that the classes they chose are what they want to go into, but this should help out more to figure out which classes students need to take to go into what they would like to pursue.

If a student was thinking about going into science, anatomy, physical therapy, a CTE class, etc. I would recommend taking these couple of classes. If a freshman going to be a sophomore, I would sign up for health professions and biology (required) to get to learn more about your body and life, and if one enjoys health professions your junior year students are allowed to take Sports Medicine two and anatomy, then senior year Sports Medicine three. If a student takes this path, they would be able to go off campus and take a CTE class to get into real world work and get a job to help them learn more about what they are interested in doing.  Isabelle Scott says, “I was really interested in taking a CTE class from the beginning of my freshman year because I wanted to help and learn outside of schoolwork, I like going off campus and getting a feel of a new school, and learning about something I enjoy is more interesting then learning something that I don’t need to move onto the next step.”

Going off campus is another option depending on what the student wants to go into. Sometimes they will stay at your school and other times they will go to Renaissance High School; students could even go to Meridian High School as well.

Jack Andrews says, “I enjoy CTE classes because its like going to work but something that I enjoy going to it doesn’t feel like I am going to school or work because it’s something that is interesting to me.” There are many different CTE classes that a student can go into that they are interested in, they have health science, cooking or baking, mathematics, and more. Students don’t need to know what you want to go into right now in the moment, but these classes will help them get a feel for something more real and more in depth to what it will be like when you are older.