Rocky Basketball Journey


Evan Guerrero


Evan Guerrero, Photography

Rocky boys’ varsity basketball has never really stood out in the past couple years. This year, the team has a lot to offer to the table. With new coaching staff, and new players from this class, its safe to say they are a true playoff contender. With that, also comes with other teams upgrading as well. With new transfers here, Rocky wasn’t the only one to get the top prospects. None the less, this year will be very competitive, and skill is very fair divided by all the teams. Rocky truly added young players to the team as they only stuck with 2 seniors out of the 11 players on the team. The new coaching staff had a view that no other coach had. The overall idea was to recruit boys who had more years ahead so they could get used to the team chemistry and bond together.

3 players on the starting positions on varsity were interview this week. Carter Coppieters , who is a PF on varsity, Machaon Savedra, who is a guard on varsity, and Josh Lunt, who is a PF on varsity. First off, Carter Coppieters was asked, “what is needed out of this team to really stand out and get the job done?” He responded with, “To be honest, everything is up to us, and the past years are only something we can improve and look past on. If we really want to stand out, we need to be consistent, and all be on the same page.” Secondly, Machaon Savedra got asked a question too, “What do you look for in a good teammate?” He responded with, “Mostly, I look for someone who wants it as much as I do, I really want someone who knows what they want, and won’t stop till it is done.” Lastly, the question that Josh Lunt got asked was, “with a new coaching staff, do you truly think it is an upgrade?” He responded with, “as a coach, the team is pretty much in your hands, it is a big job, and I believe these guys have what it takes to take us to a chip.”

As you can see, all these guys have different styles, but they all have one goal, and that’s to bring us another championship home. This organization and school really believe that this is the year to finally bring one home. We did what we needed to In the off season and now I think it is time for it to pay off this season. Unlike other coaches, are coaches had one idea and stuck with it, it finally is looking to pay off and gives us the best chance we have of being the best team in the SIC.  We will have first look on how the team looks next week when they take on Meridian at home at 7.  With, Rocky isn’t the only school to get new recruits. We also have Eagle recruiting Russel Gibson and Deejay Benitez. Also, Owyhee recruiting Jayce Allen.