How to Find Yourself

Reagan Morin, Reporter

Highschool is a Four-year long period for finding out who you are. This is one of the most important times of our lives as we change and grow into ourselves. I will be giving you advice and tips on how to find your true self throughout your high school career.

Highschool is a hard part of everyone’s lives, people change, family life is tough, keeping up grades while having a job, rumors, fake friends, etc. We all have one thing in common though… we are all still trying to find ourselves and who we want to be when we grow up and go out into the real world. High school is meant for all of this, yes you are learning things in school subjects like math, English, history, etc. but school is also for your social life. In this article I will help you to put yourself out there, who to surround yourself with, making goals, and most important, how to find yourself.


Austin Buechler (Freshman) answered the question of, “What are the qualities of a good friend?” he said, “Someone who’s trustworthy, loyal, and they don’t lie, always be willing to hangout and be there for you in tough scenarios”.


Trevor Fusselman (Sophomore) answered the question “Why is it important to set goals?” he said, “It’s important to set goals so you know for what you want to go for and strive for”.


Brody King (Freshman) answered the question “How do you meet new people and put yourself out there?” He responded with “I just say hi to them, usually if you say hi to someone, they say it back”.


Mr. Brunstad (English teacher) answered the question “Why is it important to find yourself?” she answered with saying, “I think it’s important to find yourself because it makes up who you are as a person. If you don’t have good morals and you don’t have good values and what you stand for, then I think you are going to just be lost as a person and continually making not great decisions.”


Finding who you are is a very hard topic to talk about and even give you advice, but it can also be very simple. Everyone has heard at some point whether it’s a parent, teacher, friend, etc. “To always just be yourself” now you’re probably thinking this is cringy right? Well, there is a lot of truth to that small statement. If you try to just act like who you are and do not change too fit in, you will then find your true self faster and sooner. This also ties in with some of the questions answered above. Like what makes a good friend, a good friend is someone who you don’t have to change yourself for them to like you. You should feel loved and welcomed, not nervous and scared. You also want to set goals, if your goal is to get in better shape, make it a point, this can open up new ways to find yourself, you never know, maybe you will someday end up as a personal trainer to help someone achieve their own goal. Someone’s goal might be to meet new people, the more people you meet and put yourself out there too, the more you will find out who you like to be surrounded by. The group of friends and people you are surrounded by influence your attitude and how you act. Try to surround yourself by good people, that you can really count on, if you can find one or two real friends in life, you are all set.


These are all small things you can do in the next few high school years to try and find yourself a little quicker. Don’t worry if you don’t know who you are yet, many adults don’t even know. Like I said in the beginning, high school is all about growing up and trying to find yourself and who you are. Everyone is going through struggles, no matter how they act or look, so be nice, keep your head up, and put yourself out there to find the real you.