Is Advisory Necessary?


Natalie Nichenko

Advisory collage

Natalie Nichenko, Media Team Member

Advisory is represented as an environment that “allows for students to receive additional support outside of classroom instructions.” (Enriching Students). However, is this statement true? Opinions on advisory may differ depending on if you are a student or teacher as well as what grade you are in. While interviewing people at Rocky, different views were shared.

Savannah Fisher (10th grade) explained that not all students should have to take advisory. “It is a class meant for students who need time to do homework, and it becomes a waste of time for students who have already completed their work outside of school.” However, she stated that freshman should have advisory because it helps them get work done while new to high school. Moreover, instead of grade level, advisory should be determined by grades. Savannah’s consensus was that advisory is a waste of time and is only useful for those struggling.

Next, Abby Zuniga, another sophomore, replied that I don’t think students should be required to have advisory because to some it’s not useful and would just be time wasted. “I think for the first semester freshman should be required to be in advisory to get them on the right track but then after that I think it should be their choice.” Unlike Savannah, Abby thinks that advisory shouldn’t be determined by grades because grades don’t always mean that the student needs assistance since it could be caused by other things. Some people find advisory helpful, while some don’t, so there should be a choice. “You can’t force anyone to get their work done so that time couldn’t be used for something else.”

A freshman, Abby Harbottle, expressed her views on advisory, explaining, “Personally, I think that advisory is a waste of time. Because I have a 4.0 GPA, I should not have to go. People with good grades should have a longer lunch. I do tend to use the time in advisory, but I still think it’s stupid.”

Many perspectives and opinions were shared throughout this article. Overall, it seems like the use of advisory can be unnecessary to some but important to others. The most logical conclusion seems to be that attendance to advisory should be based on GPA/grades. However, students and freshman especially should find this time useful to complete and catch up on work or studying. On the other hand, others feel that advisory should be a choice because some students, struggling or not, would rather not spend their time in there and instead hang out with friends or go to lunch as a break. But this brings up a new factor in that some busy students might only have advisory to complete schoolwork. These opinions may not change anything with advisory, but they could change how you think about it and spend your time.