Rocky Diamond Dancers at State


Aubrie Toledo

The dance team after state.

Ava Allen, Media Team

Rocky Diamond Dancers took 3rd overall in the state, following Owyhee and Eagle. The dance team showed perseverance and determination while preparing for the big day. When asking the captains of the team some questions, it was clear that they had been working hard and it paid off.

Preparation is key. Addi Chandler, the Diamonds captain, was asked how she was an active member in preparing the team. Addi replied, “I tried to have a positive attitude and tried to push everyone so we could improve. I find a positive attitude goes a long way!”

Hallie Schrum and Ava Nelson also played big roles in getting the team ready for competition as they are the team’s co-captains. Hallie Schrum stated, “To help the team get ready I just wanted to check in on everyone and make sure that they were all feeling ready to go. I also wanted to make sure they knew how important it was to work hard that week.”

Ava Nelson added, “I think I helped the team get prepared for state by just being supportive and trying to keep the energy up throughout the week. State can be long, and the practices are hard but when we work together, we can become an even stronger team.”

Fast forwarding to awards. The captains were asked; “what were some special moments that stood out for you during the awards?” Ava Nelson said, “I think being on that floor with the people you love was one of the best moments. You worked so hard to get to even make it to the state floor, you knew every person on that team wanted it and they were going to give it their all.”

“Some special moments that stood out was the time backstage before taking the floor. We were all just hyping each other up!” Hallie explained that she felt us all bringing each other up and getting ready to take the floor with confidence.

Continuing with the special moments Addi added, “Probably performing with my girls for my last state! Our dance routine was especially so good because that was the best, we had danced it.”

Lastly, the moment when your name gets called to be in the top 3 teams in the state it must be an unforgettable experience. Addi, Ava, and Hallie were asked to explain how they felt when rocky was called 3rd overall.

“I felt so good, it felt that our hard work had paid off!” – Addi

“I was so excited because we wanted this all year, and we finally achieved our goa!!” – Hallie

“I was honestly shocked when we got called for 3rd. It was the best feeling because you knew how hard you worked for that award, and you did it as a family.” – Ava

The Rocky Mountain Diamond Dancers have achieved a top placement in the state and are recognized for their hard work and determination. It was made clear what was done to prepare and what feelings the three captains had when their team got 3rd overall at state.