The People Have Spoken


Carolanne Strong

The results are in for the annual Senior Superlatives.

Carolanne Strong

Every year, the seniors at Rocky weigh in on which of their classmates they feel are the most outstanding. The class of 2023 has nominated 68 students in 34 categories. The Yearbook staff will reach out to these students in the following weeks with dates and times to have their portraits taken. These will appear in full-color layouts in the 15th edition of the Silvertip later this spring, but until then, peruse this list and see if your nominations made the cut for the Senior Superlatives.

Bring home to mama:  Aidan Koval and Grace Buhrley

Best athletes:  Luke Luchini and Mia Furman

Most likely to win the Hunger Games: Kade Steadman and Kady Cluff

Most likely to make it to Hollywood: Aidan Cook and Elise Kitamura

Worst case of Senioritis: Rocco Porter and Brooklin Dyche

Class heartbreakers: Crew Kelson and Sheadon Albert

Tallest and shortest: Ben Price and and Taylor Fulgham

Most likely to get married: Abby Edgar and Andrew Crosby

Best couple that never was: Lily Atwood and Evan Merrill

Best Bromance: Hudson Rich and Owen Redd

Soul Sisters: Kennedy Voorhies and Maddie Daniels

Class Clowns: Ryan Wind and Liv Juhasz

Best Musicians: Josh Reeder and Bryn Carter

Future BBQ dad and Soccer Mom: Grant Hedgepeth and Emily Polson

Worst Drivers: Micah Clyde and Isabelle Scott

Best Style: Mason Powell and Sarah Rodriguez

Best Smile: Brekon Albert and Lola Cleverly

Best eyes : Troy Hemseri and Becca Carter

Most likely to change the world: Jacob Orduno and Alexandra Garvin

Best Artists: Diego Prado and Kelly Radek

Most Spirited: Keith Marshall Uitdewilligen and Kaisley Summers

Most changed since freshman year: Preston Slack and Reagan Smith

Biggest gym rat: Daniel Blackburn and Makayla Newman

Most likely to hack Go Guardian: Jerry Duffin and Kassidy Crawford

Most likely to trip at graduation: Jett Dorval and Gabriella White

Most likely to travel the world: David Elton and Ava Gamette

Best listener: Aidan Thayer and Emma Williams

Most involved: Kage Moore and Josie Moody

Most likely to have the answers to the homework: Talon White and Hadley Bodell

Most likely to overuse the word slay: Hudson Judge and Kai Deguzman

Most likely to ask the teacher to take their BeReal: Seth Vogt and Hailey Ranstrom

Best Rizz: Carson Snow and Brielle Magnuson

Most likely to win a fight with Ticketmaster: Jaxon Holmes and Bridger Hamm

Most likely to thrift their prom fit: Asher Emery and McKinley Thompson