Different Brands at Rocky



Different Clothing Brands

Sydney Mikkelson

Many people have different preferences when it comes to clothing, some of the more popular brands might not be everyone’s favorite, for many reasons, too expensive, not comfortable, doesn’t have the size they want. There are many reasons why people have their favorite brands and least favorite brands. When walking around the school the most known brands I see are Nike, Carhartt, and Dickies. Taking this into my own hands. Walking around the school and asking students what their favorite and least favorite brand is.

When asking these students these questions they didn’t immediately know what brand to say or which one was their favorite, most of them had to think about it, and they usually started out with “I like a lot but..”. There are a lot brands that were said but I think the most common were Abercrombie, Pacific Sunwear, and Nike, especially the shoes.

First Kaylee Caldwell said, “I really enjoy Abercrombie it has good quality clothing and has a verity of options, but the downside is it is expensive.”  Every interview that was taken they all said their favorite brand is expensive so they can’t get all of the things that they want, even if they were to save up for it.

Popular brands tend to up their prices to get the most money out of that product, even if they got it for 60 dollars cheaper. They tend to make their prices higher to show that they have good quality clothing for their customers.

Next Kylee Solecki said “I like the a lot brands but I think my favorite has to be Carhartt or dickies, I really enjoy their quality of pants and the style that it gives off”. Recently a lot of people have been wearing dickies because of the style and how they look but Kylee says “the one thing I don’t like is when i want to buy either one of them I can only get one or two things because of the prices.” Once again, the one downside to a brand is the prices, even though it can be your favorite brand sometimes you walk out with nothing.

Lastly Alexia Barlow states, “It’s a pretty basic brand but my favorite is Brandy Melville it’s one of my favorites, I like the clothing and how it fits any time I get a clothing piece from that store. One of my least favorite things about the store is how known it is I wish it wasn’t as known.”

As you can see everyone has their own opinions and thoughts about different branding, it’s what makes them the most comfortable and the things that make them happy, even thought it might be your favorite brand there are always downsides to them.

Different Clothing Brands (Syd)