Esports Club Coming To Rocky

Addison Burney , Reporter

Here at Rocky, we have a lot of clubs and teams but a new one coming to Rocky is Esports. In this story you will learn more about the Esports club at Rocky.

Holly Weltz is going to be the advisor for the Esports club coming to Rocky. Weltz explained to me what the club was, and she said “This is a club, so you have students who want to play esports and play games. It is a god way to your wiggles out before your next class and it is a good physical activity” (Weltz).  We are still trying to figure out when this club will meet so stay tuned for that information. Another question that Holly answered for me was, why did you want to start this club? Her response was “Well I already have it during lunch and my students come in, I think it is a good way to make new friends and have conversations with other kids” (Weltz). This club is still in the works, but Holly explained to me that she believes if you want to join you can just walk into her room (100). She said they will have meeting on how to structure it and then go from there. I asked Holly Weltz what will participants in this club participate in? She responded with “Just whatever games they want to bring in. We don’t want kids losing any of their games or controllers. I personally love the Wii sports; the bowling and boxing are my favorite” (Weltz). The last question I asked her was, when will this club be at Rocky? Her response was “It should be this semester” (Weltz).

In conclusion, this club sounds like it is going to be fun. When I talked to Holly Weltz it seemed like she was going to make this club fun and let you just come and play some video games or any Esports games. Look out for some information coming about the Esports club. You should join this club coming soon to Rocky!