How to Rizz at Grizz

Reagan Morin, Reporter

Is there a special someone you want to ask to be your valentine? Do you not know how to approach them? This article will be giving tips to our fellow students at rocky of how to Rizz at Grizz.

First, do not be the person to punch their crush or shove them in lockers for your “Rizz” you might think its genius…. Well, you’re wrong. No girl or guy wants to get bullied by someone, so why are you doing it, especially if you like them? Also, if you really want to catch their attention, stand tall, don’t be shy, and most important… walk with swagger. Pick up lines can be handy, just make sure they’re right for the moment. Below are some people’s favorite pick-up lines to start a conversation.


Pick up lines and tips:

Garrett Dallolio – “My mom thinks I’m handsome, do you?”

Rezon Gashi – “What’s up? (Deep voice).”

Hailey Mejia – “I think you’re a sweety pie, you’re really cute.”

Amryn Davey – “Give her a flower.”

Cameron Bush – “Talk to her and tell her she’s pretty.”

Owen Weatherly – “Did you fall from heaven? Cus your face is really messed up. (Maybe not this one).”

Addison Burney – “Talk to them and be yourself.”

Camden Morin, – “Walk up confidently and say your genuinely really pretty.”

Jack Pattilo – “Girl you look like you wear your retainer.”

Maddie Jacobson – “*Wink* *Smile* *Flip hair* * Head on chin* *Stare with rizz*.”

(And many more).


What is Rizz?

Definition:  Someone’s ability to attract a love interest. So, if someone says you have “Rizz” it means your flirt game is strong.


Other things to keep your Rizz at Grizz up to the top is how you approach them.


First: Have a plan in your head, this way you have a better chance of knowing what you’re going to do.

Second: Make sure it’s at an appropriate time in the day and in place. (Don’t do this during a funeral)

Third: Walk up confidently  and look them in the eyes, be friendly, with a calm voice

Fourth: Now that you have made it this far ask them the question, weather its saying …

“Hey, do you want to go out sometime?”

“Hey, could I get our number?


Fifth: Worst that can happen is the person says no, don’t take it personal if this does happen, your most likely just not their type.

Do not be scared of shooting your shot, nothing will change if you don’t try. Worst that will happen is they say no, or sorry I have a boyfriend/Girlfriend, and then you move on.


One more tip: If it were me, try and find out if this person is currently in a relationship, if so and you still want to shoot your shot…. go ahead, but personally I would just leave it there.


All of this Rizz is easier said than done especially if you’re a Grizz.

Have a good Valentine’s Day, and if you’re going to shoot your shot…. Goodluck!!!