Where Do You Spend Lunch?


Garrett Dallolio

Rocky’s lunchroom

Makenna Zimmer, Copy Editor

Most students at Rocky will agree that lunch is the best time of the school day. Lunch gives students a break from their schoolwork. This reduces stress and gives the students time to socialize with their friends. It also gives them a chance to refuel their bodies with nutrients, so they’re working to their best abilities. With the opportunity to leave the campus for lunch that gives the students access to go many places to spend lunch, so where do the students go and eat?

A lot of students who can’t drive just walk to nearby places for lunch. Some of the main walking distance food places around Rocky are, Dutch Bros, Gyro Shack, Sonic, Walgreens, Stinker, and Johnny Broncs. Evie Rede, a freshman, said, “My personal favorite place to eat during lunch is Sonic. It is in walking distance. My favorite thing to eat there is the mozzarella sticks.” Ava O’Hara, a freshman, expressed “My favorite place to eat at lunch is Gyro Shack. They have really good fries and it’s also in walking distance making it so I can get there and back for my next class.” Mya Daniel, a freshman, stated “My favorite place to go at lunch is Stinkers, they have many options depending on what you want that day, and the walk is not very long.”

Being able to drive opens up way more options on where to go at lunch. So, most students who can drive take their opportunity and drive to further places for their lunch. Some of these places being, Wendy’s, Fred Meyer, Starbucks, McDonald’s, Jersey Mikes, etc. Sydney Mikkelson, a senior, said “Sometimes I drive to Fred Meyer, because there’s just many options there to eat.”

Then of course the school lunch is always an option to the students. If students don’t feel like walking or they can’t drive, they can always go to the cafeteria. The school lunch is about 4 dollars, which is pretty cost effective when it comes to getting lunch. Students can always bring their own lunch from home and eat it in the cafeteria. And students can pretty much sit anywhere in the school to eat lunch, just not teacher’s classrooms (if they don’t want you to), or the library.

Lunch is a time at rocky that all the students love. Taking a break from the stress, and all the thinking is very important for the student’s minds. When they come back from lunch, they are all refreshed and ready to get to work again. Overall, lunch gives students the needed break in the day to keep going.