Musical Influence

Period 3A playing their instruments

Natalie Nichenko

Period 3A playing their instruments

Aeryn Windh, Copy Editor

A lot of people hold a strong connection to music. Some ways include performing or simply just listening to it. To get a better understanding, I asked some close friends their opinions of why music means so much to them. 

Diana has been a band student since the 6th grade and continues to take it into her freshman year. She excels in trumpet and is passionate about sound and music flowing together. She expressed to me that music means a lot to her and being a part of that makes her love it even more. For more understanding, I asked a question that lets everyone experience the beauty of music. “How do you feel when you play or listen?” This was a question that stumped her quite a bit. Eventually, she came up with an answer that beats all. “You know like when you like someone and you talk to them and then it gives you butterflies, it’s like that.” 

Anyone with or without a musical background can understand that feeling. Avid music listeners even understand it. It’s such a complex state to be in. Being submerged in, many people can enjoy. Diana told me all about the love for all her teachers. They’ve all helped her move up on the scale of admiration. She told me in past conversations the way she listens to her music. How no one has the ability to remove her from the love she has for it. 

For my second interview, I was given the opportunity to interview Isabella Moreno, a freshman here at Rocky. She has been a choir member since 8th grade. In our interview, I asked Isa about her biggest inspirations. She told me, “My family listens to a lot of mariachi music and I hear these beautiful ladies sing mariachi songs and I’m like wow, they’re amazing,” Though it was a simple answer, she said it all. In the past year, I’ve seen pictures from her trip to Mexico. She lights up when she hears a song and belts it out for the world to hear.  

Baxter, a sophomore, has been a choir kid for about 5 years and has an admiration that I have never seen before. They talk about music as if it’s something so precious, something that no one could destroy. Baxter managed to make our conversation connect. Words leave their head like a melody. And because of that, I learned that it’s more than just another credit. To learn their biggest inspirations, they said this, “Music has saved my life on so many occasions. I wouldn’t be here without it.” 

Music is something a lot of people adore. It helps express all your emotions and tell people what you feel. From these interviews, it’s something most people wouldn’t trade for the world. It makes everything seem filled in and paints the world with a color that hasn’t been seen before.