Pre-Game Traditions

Ava Allen , Media Manager

What are some things that a sports player and coach do for their pre-game traditions? 

Isaac Allen, the center for the Rocky Mountain Varsity Football team, states, “I listen to music and think about what I have to do.” 

Everyone has their unique way of getting ready for a game. Some that I observed were listening to a personal hype song to get in the right mindset to play the game. 

Isaac Allen, a senior, said, “It doesn’t matter who we are playing, it’s the same for every game.” 

The factors don’t change based on what Isaac said. Personally, Isaac does the same for every game. He gets in the mindset and listens to music before he goes out to play. While warming up he talks to his friends, and he goes through what job needs to get done. He knows what must be done and he does what he can to prepare for the team he is playing.  

My previous example shows what a rocky football player does, let’s take a look at what the Bengals head coach, Zac Taylor did to get his team ready for a big game.  

Zac Taylor doesn’t necessarily have a pregame tradition, but he said this when asked how he gets his team ready for a big game. When the Bengals played the Las Vegas Raiders on Sunday Nov. 21, 2021. Zac Taylor said in the article ‘We didn’t skip any steps’: How Zac Taylor led Bengals from roster reset to playoffs, “We’ve been on our guys to be consistent with how they practice every day and raise the standard so that when you get to this moment, we don’t have to change what we’re doing. I think that’s why I’ve got a lot of confidence in the group of men in that locker room, because I don’t need them to raise their standard of play and how they practice,” We can infer that Zac Taylor wants his teams to be consistent and he has pushed them to get ready for their big game. He has confidence in the team which has helped him not change what he is doing in terms of coaching.  

After looking into Zac Taylors mind of how he got his team ready for a game, we can also pour into what a rugby team or player does to get ready for a match. 

Rugby is another sport we can look at to see what pregame traditions sports players have. On the Sportrec article about things to do before a rugby game it states,” However, giving yourself time to rest and gear up for your game is just as important as practicing your moves and building up your muscles” Rest is another great way to prepare for a game. Rugby is a very enduring sport, and it takes time to recover. In this article they agree that to prepare for a match you need to rest.