The Golf Team?


Cole Christensen, Reporter

The Rocky Boys golf team has been a dominant force in the school’s history, with seven state championships and many close finishes. They have produced many great players that have gone on to have successful college careers in golf afterwards. Despite all their success, they have lacked a lot of recognition amongst the school. With the 2022 season coming to an end, it is time to highlight some of this year’s teams accomplishments and players to provide insight into this organization and dynasty.

Within this team there is a significant amount of talent and competitiveness. They have done well in their tournaments and have a shot at making state this year. This success does not come without preparation and practice.

Riley Kotter, a member of the golf team, was asked about practices, “We practice 5 days a week, Monday through Friday. Practice can be in between 2-5 hours, which sounds like a long time, but it flies by. It’s a great opportunity to have fun with my teammates and work on my game. I’ve noticed each individual make their game much stronger and consistent. It’s something I look forward to everyday.”

This team practices a lot, which is evident in their success through this season.

On the Boys golf team there is a diverse amount of talent, with some veterans to the golf game, and some new players.

Tayton Young was asked how long he has been playing golf for and responded: “I have only been playing for around a year or two. This is my first-time taking things really seriously with golf and I am already starting to see improvements. Its been great to be progression as a golf player and teammate.”

The Rocky golf team is a great place to improve upon skills while having fun with teammates.

With the season wrapping up, the golf team has a promising chance at succeeding in the state tournament. The top five players will have a chance to place top four in districts to be able to go to state.

One of the top five players, Max Storey was asked how he felt about the teams’ chances at winning. Storey said, “The chances of us going far are high. If we all play to the best of our ability, we are a huge threat with a lot of talent. If everything goes right, I see us having a chance to win state. Now we just have to focus and play our best.”

As one can see, the Rocky golf team is a competitive group of individuals with a lot of promise. All students should be encouraged to watch and keep up with the team. Best of luck to the team as the season approaches its end.