Life in the Day of a High School Senior


Alex Orchard, Reporter

Life as a senior is stressful, confusing, and at times, even fun. For those of you who aren’t a senior but are curious what the day in the life of a senior looks like, search no farther. Tucker Blair, Sarah Shepherd, and Asher Anderson share their experiences getting up and starting their days over the past four years. They have had years of practicing their school schedule and getting it down to an exact science.

Tucker Blair wakes up at 6:30 to get ready for school most days of the week, but starts the day at 8:20 on A-days since he doesn’t have a class first period. It takes him about half an hour to get ready and he spends the rest of his time getting breakfast. He has 3 release periods: first period on A-days, first period on B-days, and third period on B days.

He says thought that the best time to have a release period is fourth because, “You get out of school earlier and you can do other stuff with your time, like go to the gym.”

Blair currently works at Down East, which is a furniture and clothing store. He works about 20 hours a week, but he usually tries to work only 10-15. He said getting his school work done is hard  because he has “learned to get [his] work done in class,” while only spending “about 2 hours a week” on homework at home.

The hardest part about senior year for him has been getting ready for college. He has had to apply for the colleges, make sure he does good in his AP classes, and figure out where he is going to stay and what he’ll do for college. Overall, though, he has “enjoyed senior year.”

Sarah Elease Shepherd wakes up at 6:30 as well on A-days, but sleeps in on B-days because she has a release period in the morning. It takes her “about 20 minutes” to get ready for school. Then she’ll make breakfast before she goes to school.

Shepherd doesn’t work currently, but is planning on working in the summer. She also had a job earlier this year at Roxxberry Juice. She would work twice a week, for 6-12 hours a week, always “leaving enough time to be able to get [her] homework done, spending about 15 minutes at home every day on homework.”

When asked about what keeps her coming to school, Shepherd said, “My friends are honestly what’s keeping me coming to school.” Shepherd has loved her high school experience and is going to miss Rocky after leaving for BYU for college.

Asher Anderson wakes up at 6 a.m. every day before school. He spends most of his time “fixing and doing [his] hair.”

He doesn’t have any release periods but if he did, Anderson said, “The morning would be the best time to have a release period, like first period.”

He loves not having to have a job right now, because he has more time to play rugby and do things he enjoys. He spends “only 2 hours a week” on homework. So far, the best part about Asher’s senior year has been the rugby season.

Seniors have been busy all school year, but graduation is coming up fast. Soon, seniors will be graduated and senior year will be a thing of the past.