Rocky Sports Facilities

Alyce Gonzales, Editor

Rocky Mountain High School has been open since 2008. With Rocky being a newer school, most things do not need to be updated as often as an older school might need updates. Some things that might need to have an upgrade at Rocky would be the sport centers and fields. For example, that would be the baseball center, weight room, and the gym.

Troy Rice is the Activities Director at Rocky Mountain High School. As the Activities Director, he deals with “resolving conflicts and finding money for sports funding.”

When asked if any of the sport centers need updating, Rice said, “Our facilities are in pretty good shape. We try to make improvements to them every year. We were able to purchase softball a new scoreboard this year and we also replaced the wall padding in the upstairs gyms that turned out nice.”

“The upstairs gym floors are being redone this summer also. We are also getting a new tennis court this year, which is very exciting.”

What are somethings that students can do to support the school activities?

Rice said, “Go and attend games! Our kids and coaches love seeing you there. You make a big difference.”

Rice speaks from personal experience about how much support means to student athletes: “I played and coached football and baseball, but I always wanted to play hockey. I love the speed and physicality it takes to play it.”

Gavyn Garrison is a junior at Rocky who has been playing baseball for ten years. He has played ball at Rocky for two years and is familiar with Rocky’s sports facilities.

Garrison said of Rocky’s sports facilities: “I think in the baseball facility, we need new tees and L screens. The weight room needs more dumbbells because [many of them] are broken.”

Does the baseball field need any updates? Garrison said, “The baseball fields are in [overall] good condition.”

Austin Ellis is a junior at Rocky and another student athlete. Ellis has played football, track, and wrestling. Ellis speaks from experience regarding Rocky’s facilities: “The weight room; the racks are not that good. In track, the throwers need new implements.”

Ellis also echoed Rice’s sentiment that student presence at games is a great morale-booster for players: “I feel good. I love hearing everyone cheering us; on it makes everyone feel better about themselves, even on the days we don’t win, we feel the love from the sidelines.”

There are always minor things that need fixing. Rocky Mountain High School has an amazing gym and sports centers that accommodates to everyone’s needs, and updates are made with student-athletes and spectators in mind.