Rocky Basketball on the Come Up


Brian Yeboah and Rezon Gashi

Basketball has always been a big topic around the US and specifically in Rocky Mountain High School. It is something that shapes many people’s interests and the way the school’s culture is. It is something that is held very deeply in Rocky Mountain High School’s heart. To understand basketball at Rocky Mountain, one must first understand the background of it, then the history of last season, and then the future of the program.

The new 2022 summer ball season will be beginning in the next few months, and it is something with much excitement around Rocky. It is the goal to do better then last season.

Rocky basketball has had a very rich background. Their basketball program has been very successful and have won number Idaho 5A state championship titles.

Joshua Lunt, a sophomore at Rocky said, “I remember watching my brother play for the Rocky team a few years back and they played very well.”

Many of Rocky Mountain High School’s basketball athletes have gotten full ride scholarships to colleges all over America. The environment of the basketball program at Rocky has always been very competitive. Open gyms have been a place to show off skills and compete against other players to earn a spot on a winning program.

The current Rocky Mountain High School basketball atmosphere is very exited for the new season. Rocky has a new coach named Brian Sweaney, as well as several new staff members that are a part of the team. The boy’s varsity team is coming off of a pretty disappointing season and the new staff is expected to bring some success. The mentality coming into every open gym and practices is to win the state championship and bring good results. Summer ball tryouts are coming soon for Rocky on May 16 and the excitement is there. Many athletes have been working all year to come to this tryout and perform.

Braxton Hansen is a sophomore at Rocky Mountain High School. He stated, “I’ve been working on many aspects of my game to perform to the best of my ability this upcoming season.” This is an example of just one of the many players putting work in.

The future of Rocky is looking very bright. Many great talents are coming to Rockies program in the future.

Junior at Rocky Armin Kajdic stated, “Rocky’s program is looking good for the future, and I am happy to be a part of it.”

Rocky has many different styles of play that come into making the roster. They have shooters, finishers, post up players, and many more. Overall, the future of Rocky is looking great and they have a hopeful outlook on winning state championships with the talent they have.