Rocky Mountain Prom: Casino Royale


Brian Yeboah, Photographer

Prom is a dance that takes place every year at Rocky Mountain High School. Every year they have different themes for the prom. This year the theme was Casino Royale. Sadly, for the underclassmen, only juniors and seniors can go to the prom. Unless you go with an upperclassman, you can’t go as a freshman or sophomore. The event took place at the Knitting Factory in Boise, Idaho on April 19, 2022.

The winners of Prom royalty were Jayden Lunt, who won Prom King, Kyra McCrady, who won Prom Queen, Luke Hanchett, who won Prince, and Kennedy Voorhies, who won Princess.

Luke Hanchett, a junior at Rocky Mountain High School, shared his prom experience with candor: “I only went to prom for 20 minutes to get the award. I don’t like dances, so I didn’t wanna go.”

Hanchett “thought [he] was going to win but [he] wasn’t sure that [he] would.” He also said that his experience was “good for the little time that [he] was there at the event.”

Hanchett also said, “I plan to go back to prom next year and win Prom King… I want to represent my family and my school in a positive manner as a varsity football player and a varsity basketball player.”

His date to prom, Kennedy Voorhies, shared that she “had fun” at the prom.

Voorhies said, “I helped plan the event since I am part of the committee, so being able to win at the event that I worked so hard to plan is a dream come true. Being able to go with my friend and winning with him was amazing.”

Voorhies reiterated that she “had a great time at the prom” and also wishes that she “will be able to come back next year and win the Prom Queen at the next Rocky Mountain Prom.” She said to prepare for the prom she had to “find and buy shoes and a dress to wear.”

The 2022 Casino Royale Prom, judging by the responses from the attendees, was a success.