Musicians at Rocky

Rezon Gashi, Editor

Music is a very big part of life at Rocky Mountain High School. When walking through the halls you can see many kids with earbuds in or singing music. It is a part of everyday life. People here listen to a wide variety of genres including hip-hop/rap, country, R&B, pop, and much more. One of the most interesting sides of the music world is the people that make the music, and we just so happen to have magnificent selection of musicians here at Rocky. Some are in things such as choir, band, or orchestra. Others are producers, rappers, and singers on platforms like Spotify.

The first artist at Rocky Mountain is a student named Nick Dooley. He is a senior at Rocky and has been producing music for many years. The way he does it is by making beats on the app garage band and then having artists rap over the beats. He also adds effects to the artists voices and adds finishing touches. When asked how long it takes to make these beats his response was “It can take anywhere from 5 minutes to weeks.” Nick puts a lot of work into these projects and the results  are amazing.

The next artist at Rocky is Nate Johntson. He is a senior at Rocky Mountain High School and is part of the choir. He has had many solo performances as well as group efforts. Nate plays the drums on top of singing. He is  in a band  that recently played  in front  of students at Heritage Middle School in Meridian. The genre of music he mainly performs is Rock. In a recent interview when asked about how music has effected his life he responded “Music has gotten me through a lot of hard times, it’s showed me what I can do and what I am successful at.” Nate is one of the most talented musicians at Rocky and the future is very bright for him.

The last artist at Rocky Mountain High School is Nate Matson. He is a sophomore at Rocky and the genre of music he does is jazz and he plays guitar. Nate has been playing guitar for 7 years and is continuing to play. In a recent  interview he stated “Michael Jackson is my favorite musician because of his flow.” He is also trying to venture into genres like rock and hip-hop.

Overall, music is a very prominent thing at Rocky. It effects a lot in the students everyday life. It is something that will be here forever. The musical talent at Rocky is very high and the future is bright!