Joke’s On You: Rocky Gets Funny

Alyce Gonzales, Editor

April Fool’s is a holiday in which people like to play little funny jokes on other people. Most of the time it ends in a laugh, but sometimes people can get hurt. April fools’ day began in 1582. They would place paper fish on people’s backs, which symbolized that they were gullible. April fool’s is only one day a year, but pranks last 365 days a year. Jokes and pranks are never ending.

Shaylee Allen is a junior at Rocky Mountain High School. When asked if she has pulled any pranks or jokes on her friends or family she said, “I put sticky notes all over my dad’s office room and I would wait tell her came into the room so that I could see his reaction.” As for a “dream” prank, Allen said, “I would want to fill toilets sinks and bathtubs with goldfish.”

Thomas Gonzales is a freshman at Rocky Mountain High School. When asked if he had seen any pranks on YouTube or the television that he wanted to try he said, “No I haven’t. I’ve seen pranks on YouTube, but I wouldn’t want to try and recreate them.”

Gonzales has been known to play pranks on his family members, though. “I played pranks on my mom and sister. I would take a rubber band and tie it to the spray on the sink so when they turned the sink on, it would spray back at them.”

Ava Nelson, a sophomore at RMHS, shared that she didn’t do anything for April Fool’s this year: “Nothing, it’s just a normal day, I don’t do anything and neither does my family.”

Nelson did say that she has had pranks pulled on her. She said, “My friend texted me and said she was pregnant, but she texted me from a random number, so I didn’t know it was her texting me.”

Nelson also said she would “prank [my] friend Tessa.”

Jokes can be the best thing sometimes; it can make someone smile who’s having a tough day. Jokes and laughs last all year round, not just on one day. Keep telling jokes and making people smile because you don’t know what they are going through, so a good joke or a harmless prank could make their day.