Has Spring Officially Sprung?  


Ella Ogletree

In Mr. Abbott’s fly fishing class, a rack is used to dry the fishing rods, as many students in Idaho are interested in fly fishing.

Cameron Bush, Editor

Spring is here and is warmer than ever. With the outside warming up, this is the perfect time to try new activities. Chloe Pollock, a ninth grader at Rocky, enjoys fly fish in the spring.  

“In the spring/summer I travel quite a bit with my dad and brothers to go fly fishing. Fly fishing is pretty simple, but it can get kind of technical and takes some skill, but it is one of the most rewarding sports ever.” 

Pollock said the first step is, “You go to a river or lake with huge fish, cast your line out with the best fly you’ve got and catch the biggest fish in that lake/river. Then do it again, and again, and again. It is more technical than that, but that’s pretty much (in a simplified version) how it works.” 

“There are different ways you can fly fish, and it depends on where you are going to fishing and what you are fishing for. I got into this sport because my dad and brothers have been fly fishing ever since I was born, and I have just followed them and they have taught me everything. I’ve pretty much fly fished my whole life. I think others would enjoy this sport because it is not like any other sport. It is very peaceful and so rewarding. It is so therapeutic!” 

Porter Carlson, tenth grade, is also a fan of outdoors activities in the spring, when the weather is nice and the trails finally start to dry after a wet and snowy winter. “I mountain bike; it is so fun to fly down a flowy trail in the mountains.”  

“I usually go to Eagle Bike Park, Boise Bike Park, Jug Mountain Ranch or the Bogus Basin Gravity Park. I got into this when I was about 6 years old. My dad has always been into biking, so he would take me on rides with him. I eventually joined a biking team called the B.Y.R.D.S at about age 7. I have mountain biked ever since, although I am not on the team anymore.”  

“I think that many people would enjoy mountain biking because it is a great way to enjoy the mountains and get exercise while also having a ton of fun! I always have wanted to try dirt biking because it seems like a blast, but I’ve never really had the opportunity to try.” 

Leo Woods, a sophomore at Rocky Mountain, keeps it musical in the spring.  

“I play the drums with my band, Devolver. Me and my buddies get together after school at my house and we play and write music to play at shows. I wanted to learn drums in 2019 and have played in many bands ever since. Everyone should get a taste of playing music with friends. It’s totally addicting and so much fun.”