Living A Legacy: The Influence of Influencers

Ella Ogletree, Photographer

Dr. Karen Keller says that “Influence creates an internal shift in a person’s mindset. The world’s most influential people don’t merely change other’s behavior; they shift their mindsets”  

With social media and many other media platforms, the number of influencers is at an all-time rise. How are these influential people “influencing” students here at Rocky? 

Tucker Blair is a senior here at Rocky Mountain High School and he’s been playing guitar for 13 years. His passion for guitar began with playing Guns and Roses’ song “Sweet Child of Mine.”  

He’d been playing for years, but Blair said that this song was the “First song I enjoyed playing in a very long time and made me give guitar another shot.” Since then, his music has taken off. 

Blair has been homeschooled most of his life. During this time, he’s been a part of a band and has written several songs.  

He would write songs on several occasions which have been “the most therapeutic stuff [he’s] ever done after a breakup or during a bad time, super late at night putting words to my feelings is extremely calming, it’s being in my world.” 

He’s very proud of his work and Blair “enjoys that it’s something personal that [he] can hold on to and either share or not share but their way I’m proud of it.”  

Blair also loves listening to many rock artists. Whenever he needs inspiration, he finds himself listening to The Strokes. He says that when he “breaks down their song, they have two guitars going, and the simplicity of the two parts put together into a more complex sounding song helps me feel better about writing my music.”  

He believes artists have a really important role in society in how they use their fame. He believes if they spread awareness about issues then it’s a good way to use their fame.  One very influential person in his life is Jack Black. Blair says that “He raised money for mitochondrial diseases, donates to charities, and is just overall funny.” 

Another student here at Rocky, Emma Klapstein, piggybacks off Blair’s statement about using fame for good. She looks up to Adele in many ways.  

Klapstein said, “Adele has earned recognition many times for her music, but when she needed to, she stepped out of the public eye to deal with her struggles. I admire her for that because typically celebs do whatever they can to maintain their name, but she showed us that taking a break and coming back stronger is okay.” 

Klapstein believes people can see their fame in a good or bad way. She said, “I’ve always thought that Selena Gomez has used her fame to reach people and be an advocate for them. She’s always seemed genuine, and her life doesn’t revolve around her trying to prove herself. She’s always been one to want to make people feel good about themselves while still recognizing what makes them unique.”  

However, they can use their power in the complete opposite way. Klapstein goes on to say, “Dishonesty for public appeal is unnecessary and involvement of other people in some situations should be kept private.”  

Ben Wheeler, a senior here at Rocky, admires the Rock, A.K.A Dwayne Johnson: “He’s a great person, loving father, great actor, everything about him is awesome.

One question he would ask about him is: “What is his workout plan, or how he got into acting.” Wheeler said, “The Rock inspired me to get out and workout. And motivated me to push myself.

 Influencers have a pivotal role in society. There are so many things they can help influence and make better. As well as the opposite, make worse.  


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