Don’t Go Bacon My Heart on Valentine’s Day 2022

“I would say that you don’t necessarily need a lover to celebrate Valentine’s Day. I feel like Valentine’s Day is just a day to appreciate yourself or the person that you’re with.”


Kaylynn Tavernier, Editor in Chief

Valentine’s Day 2022 is fast approaching, and students at Rocky Mountain High School are gearing up for the holiday. Anthony Pellegrini is a senior at Rocky Mountain High School who said: “My opinion on Valentine’s Day is I love it. [It’s a] special day for expressing your gratitude and love for your friends and/or significant others.”  

Pellegrini said, “The best gift I’ve received on Valentine’s Day was one of those huge giant teddy bears.” He continued, “[The] best Valentine’s date ever is spending the full day with your significant other, like going to the mall or movies or doing something you both love and enjoy.”  

And what about a favorite Valentine’s candy? Pellegrini said, “My favorite Valentine’s Day candy is the assortment of different chocolates in the heart shaped boxes.” A popular trend as of recent years has been gifting chocolate-covered strawberries, or chocolate-covered oranges. Pellegrini said, “I would rather give someone chocolate covered strawberries. Cliché, but cute.”  

Pellegrini also shared his thoughts on giving gifts to friends for the holiday: “If I was single, I don’t know if I would give gifts to any friends. I would just say happy Valentine’s Day.”  

“Anything can be a good Valentine’s Day gift. Dutch Bros can be good, and maybe get a heart shaped pattern on the drink or something corny like that. Any gift on Valentine’s Day is good if it has meaning. I started giving gifts out back in elementary school when everyone made boxes and you put candy in their box. After elementary school I kind of kept that up with some friends and middle and high school crushes.” 

Caleb Sattler is another senior at Rocky Mountain High School who has opinions on the upcoming holiday of love.  

Sattler said, “I think Valentine’s Day is kind of a fun holiday for people to have fun with people they like, or are dating, or married.” Sattler has received special gifts for the holiday in years past, stating, “One time I got a cool hoodie for Valentine’s.” 

Sattler also said, “I think the best Valentine’s date would be just hanging out with my girlfriend somewhere.”  

Sattler’s favorite candy? “Juju hearts from Winco are the best by far.”  

And which is the superior chocolate-covered fruit? “Chocolate covered strawberries are way better than oranges.”  

Sattler also explained his preference for Valentine’s gift giving: “I think [a Dutch Bros gift card] would be a good gift for someone who really likes Dutch Bros, or as a friendly gift.” Sattler started to give gifts out since he started dating his girlfriend. 

Shaylee Allen is a junior at Rocky Mountain High School who is looking forward to the upcoming Valentine’s holiday. Allen said, “I love giving out gifts, no matter if I have a reason to or not. I just like making people happy. And that’s one of my favorite things to do. I feel like holidays are just the best time to have an extra excuse for that.”  

Dutch Bros is extremely popular with Rocky students, so how does it fare as a Valentine’s gift? Allen said, “Dutch Bros is amazing. I’m obsessed with Dutch Bros. I think everybody likes Dutch Bros. And if they don’t, I feel like that’s sad. But I do think it’s a good gift.” 

Everyone has a different time they started to give gifts to certain people. Allen said, “I would say probably around the 23rd or the 24th of January is when I asked my boyfriend to sweethearts and got him lots of Valentine’s Day stuff. And obviously on Valentine’s Day, I’ll give him more things and I’ll just do something cute.”  

Would you choose chocolate strawberries or chocolate oranges? Allen said, “I recently just gave my boyfriend chocolate covered strawberries. So I would probably choose chocolate covered strawberries, just because I feel like that’s a very like lovey-dovey kind of thing. And I think they’re cute and sweet and romantic. I feel like they taste better than chocolate oranges.”  

There are also many other candies to enjoy around the Valentine’s holiday. Allen said, “I love the chocolates that are filled with raspberry creams. I’m really obsessed with those like See’s Candy chocolates are my favorite.”  

Allen continued, “I would say just getting to spend time with somebody that I love and going to do something that makes us feel like us and something that we enjoy doing together. I would say making some cute kind of tree like chocolate covered strawberries or making just something super cute and just having a day that we could enjoy or going out on a simple but romantic date.”  

“I love chocolate no matter what time of the year it is.”  

And what about those who will be single for Valentine’s Day 2022?  

Allen said, “I would say that you don’t necessarily need a lover to celebrate Valentine’s Day. I feel like Valentine’s Day is just a day to appreciate yourself or the person that you’re with. I feel like Valentine’s Day is a very lovey-dovey day. And I know that it can be hard for some people that are in relationships or that are struggling as a person, but I love Valentine’s Day. I think it’s so fun. I think it’s so sweet. I think it’s just such a good time to have a special day with your partner and somebody that you really love and care about and just show them that and make it a special day. So, I love it. I think everybody that has somebody that they love or care about in a friendship way or a romantic way, they can all appreciate it, or just have a happy thought about it in some type of way.”