A Blast from the Past: Childhood Memories

Rocky students reflect on growing up.

Alyce Gonzales, Editor

Many students at Rocky Mountain High School have grown up with the same trends and popular items. But do they all grow up with the same memories? Not necessarily; not everyone lives the same life. Not everyone had the same things. Some people might not have had enough money for some of the things others had. But many share similar memories from childhood, especially memories surrounding the holidays. 

James Maloney is a senior at RMHS. Maloney said, “[My family and I would] go up into the mountains every year and cut down our own Christmas tree.” He continued, “I wasn’t allowed to watch a lot of tv shows when I was a kid. So, I was stuck watching boomerang all the time.”  

Maloney shared a memory of a favorite childhood toy: “My dad came back from a trip from Amsterdam. And he brought me this little cheese puzzle thing. You had this little mouse on a string, and you had to get it through all the holes. One of my favorite toys.” 

An anonymous student from Rocky Mountain High School said, “My favorite childhood memory in general is when I was about eight, I thought I was tougher than my brothers. They were having their own dog pile. And I jumped in, thinking I was bigger, and tried to stop it.” Every child or adult has a favorite toy they absolutely loved. They said, “My favorite toy was probably my Monster High dolls. I don’t know why but I was in love with those things.”  

“I would say Selena Gomez is my favorite celebrity because she was in a lot of my favorite movies, and she had some good songs back then,” said the source. “My family out of the state always comes over for Christmas. No matter where they’re from.” 

Cameron Bush is a sophomore at Rocky Mountain High School. When asked, “What are some traditions you and your family do every year that you have been doing sense you were a kid?” Bush said, “We wear pajamas and try to wear them all day, but by the time it hits like noon we are all changed because it gets so hot.” Bush also shared his favorite holiday dinner: “It would probably be my mom’s lasagna; she makes a like five-layer cheese lasagna. 

Bush said now that he’s a teenager, “You know it’s a holiday, but it just feels like a regular day, but with more celebration and happiness.”