Rocky, But Make It Fashion

A deep dive into how fashion has changed because of the Covid-19 pandemic’s effects on daily life.


Brian Yeboah

Rocky Mountain High School students’ outfits!

Rezon Gashi, Editor

Fashion is a way people express themselves and their beliefs; it has been around for thousands of years. It is ever-changing because of influences from all over the world. Every person in the world has a different type of style.  Fashion reflects oneself and one’s character. Covid has specifically affected fashion in many ways. Since the lockdown, there have been many trends that have changed a majority of how style is perceived. This is especially seen at Rocky Mountain High School.

“I love vintage T’s because almost every one of them is unique.”

— Kaleb Rich

The first and most obvious trend that is at RMHS (Rocky Mountain High School) is baggy pants. Before the pandemic, the trend was skinny jeans, but now more people are wearing looser-fitting pants. It is said that fashion repeats itself every few decades, so it makes sense that looser pants are in right now since this trend was seen in the early 2000s. There is a wide variety of pants that are trending right now such as regular blue jeans, worker pants (Dickies, Carhartt), and different colored pants, such as green or red.

The second trend that is at RMHS is vintage/ graphic t shirts. Kaleb Rich, a senior at Rocky Mountain High School, said, “I love vintage T’s because almost every one of them is unique.” The pandemic has brought with it many looks from the past, which is what can be called “vintage.” It is especially popular right now because they go extremely well with baggier pants and are a very interesting piece to put into the average teen’s wardrobe.

The third big trend at Rocky is shoes. Sneakers have always been a trend all over the world, but the pandemic has influenced sneaker culture a lot. Some brands such as New Balance and Reebok have made a big comeback in the market because of the pandemic. Before the pandemic, it would be almost rare to see someone wearing a pair of New Balance shoes, but now the New Balance 550 model has become very popular among teenagers at Rocky.

Another very popular shoe is the Jordan 1. Ciara Brown, a student at Rocky Mountain High School, said that “The Jordan 1 is my favorite shoe because of all the cloths you can match it with.” This is known as one of the greatest shoes of all time because of its versatility. You can get the Jordan 1 in many different colors and styles. Some are the Jordan 1 low, mid, and high. In general, bulkier shoes such as the Air Force 1 have become popular because the bulkier shape goes well with baggier pants.

The fourth trend is workwear. Over the last couple of years, a new style in fashion has come called “workwear.” It involves brands such as Dickies, and Carhartt. The concept is traditional working-person pieces that are mixed into everyday fashion. A great example of this seen at Rocky is the Carhartt double knee, Dickies Original 744, and the Carhartt Detroit jacket. I have seen a lot of people wear cargo work pants, a graphic t- shirt, and Jordan 1’s in outfits around the school, mixing workwear with everyday clothing items to create a unique look.

Overall fashion around Rocky and the world is always changing. There will always be new trends that come and go, but the love for fashion will always be there!