Perfecting the Art of Fear

Haunted World is a scary place, but that is what it’s supposed to be.


Alyce Gonzales, Editor

One of the spookiest times of the year is the month of October. It’s filled with ghouls and monsters, not to mention all the Halloween parties and treats. It’s also fun times for families as well. One of the scariest parts about the Halloween season is the haunted houses. In the Treasure Valley area, the arguably most haunted attraction would be Haunted World.

Haunted World has 3 main attractions inside of it: there is a non-spooky corn maze, a haunted house, and an outdoor haunt. The attraction is about 35 acres and will take roughly 45 minutes to get through. The haunted house would only take about 15 minutes from start to finish, depending on how fast one moves through it.

From an online survey conducted by The Rocky Roar Newspaper, there are approximately twenty people out of the thirty-five that stated they are going to Haunted World this year. From the survey, the biggest answer for the question “What are your biggest fears?” was “heights,” and Haunted World is a place that exaggerates that.

Most people don’t get scared very easily, according to the survey, but everyone has one thing that scares them.

Thomas Gonzales is a freshman at Rocky Mountain High School and he will be attending Haunted World this year.

Gonzales said, “I will probably go my birthday weekend because they are open on my birthday!” He said he will go with his “friends and his girlfriend.”
Gonzales also said, “My sister will take us; I know she will, because it’ll be for my birthday.”

When asked, “What are you more afraid of, clowns or spiders, and why?” Gonzales said he is “more scared of clowns because of what happened back 2016 with all the clowns running around.”

Kadence Bateman, a senior at Rocky Mountain, will not be attending Haunted World this year because she “doesn’t have time.” Bateman said she works around “four to five times a week” and “has no other time for hanging.”

She is also the President for FCCLA. Bateman said, “The scariest movie I ever saw would be The Nun, because she just popped out of nowhere at some points in the movie.” Bateman said, “I don’t get scared super easily, but definitely [get scared by] jump scares.”

Haunted World is a scary place, but that is what it’s supposed to be. Haunted World is the place of frights, but not fights. Haunted World has perfected the art of fear.

Visit Haunted World’s website here!