Humans of Rocky: Mr. Paul Meunier


Harllie Stevenson, Editor in Chief

“I was an official documentarian for the 2000 world winter special Olympics. So that means I traveled from Anchorage, Alaska to Athens, Greece for the official torch lighting and I had to run around Athens with the athletes as they were lighting the torch, carrying it around and setting it on the Tomb of the Unknown Solider there. I was trying to get a video so that I had this documentary stuff, and there’s a wide-open space, I didn’t think anything of it.  So, I stepped into the wide-open space. All of a sudden, the whole crowd, like 1,000 people, start yelling and screaming at me. I had no idea what I have done wrong. The people who are supposed to be escorting me, grabbed me and were trying to pull me into the group and the soldiers are trying to grab me from the other side and I am like ‘What did I do wrong?’…’You just stepped onto the Tomb of the Unknown Solider’. I had no idea because it’s not marked, it doesn’t look any different from the cement around it. That whole tip was pretty amazing. We were on the ground for 56 hours, and in that time, we went on a cruise, we got to hang out with the American diplomat at his island retreat and have a steak dinner, I got to meet the president of Greece at the time and the mayor of Athens, and they both gave us gifts. We were treated like dignitaries, and I was just a television camera man from Anchorage, Alaska. When I look back [at what I enjoyed the most in my life] I like to think it was news and all the adventures I had, but honestly, getting to interact with the students here at Rocky Mountain High School and getting to teach them and hopefully inspiring a few of them to get into video and get creative, and to take a chance they might not have taken, you know on something they might not have been interested in. We won BPA nationals, that was all because of students here at Rocky Mountain High School. I had three students who were really into it, and they gave it their best and they won nationals. I am really proud of that”.


Oh, and Mr. Meunier used to have a pretty amazing mullet!

“Everybody asks about it”.